31DC2017: Day 31 Honor Nails You Love

I have had this screenshot in my phone for a long time of a mani by Clelianna, but I’ve always postponed recreating it because it was done with a decal that I didn’t have. Well, now that I’ve wanted to do it for so long, but still don’t really do decals, I decided to just try a freehand it, and I think it turned out pretty well! Of course, the shade of blue glitter polish that she used was retired by Picture Polish just days before I had a chance to buy it 😦


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Truth of Flare
  • OPI – Got Your Number
  • Depend – 5042

[31DC2016: Day 31]

[31DC2015: Day 31]

[31DC2014: Day 30+31]

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