Review: Two Thermal Gel Polishes

Contains products sent for review

I have always been intrigued with thermal polishes, but I have never really purchased any. They usually come from indie brands, and not a lot of those are made in Denmark (and international shopping fees suck!). I was given the chance to review two thermal gel polishes from Born Pretty Store, and to sweeten the deal even further, the thermal polishes come with a matte gel top coat so now I get to play around with that as well.

Because they come with the matte top coat that is also how I’m showing them here, but trust me – they also look good with a clear top coat.

Number 11: a light blue to dark blue transition.

This one is light baby blue when warm and dark blue when cold. On my hands, it stayed  more or less light blue because of my body temperature, but when I was cold (or outside) it turned dark.

Blue thermal gel lightBlue thermal gel dark

The cool thing about this is that if you have long nails you will probably be able to see both colors present at once.

Blue thermal gel transitioningBlue thermal gel mix

Number 10: A light pink to dark pink transition

Like the blue one, this is light baby pink when warm and dark hot pink when cold. I like that fact, because I’m a much bigger fan of baby pink than hot pink and that’s how it was most of the time I wore it.

(I apologize for my poor posing skills with my right hand, but I wore the polishes at the same time since they are gel and I was curious to see both the second I got them)

Pink thermal gel lightPink thermal gel darkPink thermal gel mix


The polishes are easy to work with – there is a little bit of a challenge since the polishes change color as you’re applying it (it’s cold in the bottle and my hands were warm – even more when I’d had it in the UV lamp), which I found to be a little tricky because I couldn’t see how even my coverage was as easily.

The blue color is definitely more responsive to temperature changes than the pink one – that is also why I was able to get a transition shot of the blue and not the pink because when my hands were semi-cold, the blue reacted and turned the tips dark.

The wear time and removal process is the same as with any other gel polish. I found that the matte top coat helped the mani look fresh for longer because it didn’t ‘cloud over’ with oil from the skin like clear top coats sometimes do.

Polishes used:

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