February Bullet Journal Setup

As you may know, I started bullet journaling in January, but I posted it a little bit late, so it’s actually the newest post before this one….

Anyways, anyone else feeling the winter blues? I know I am, so my February theme and setup is all about bringing some brightness and happiness back into my life.

The theme is citrus fruits, and my accent color is orange, so there are more oranges than other fruits.

Title Page


Last month, I had a grid style calender, but I felt it took up too much space considering how little events I have in a month. So this month, I am trying out a vertical layout instead, and so far I am really liking it! There is still room to write two or three events, birthdays, tasks etc., so I’m really liking that.

My to do list grew a bit since I filled it all out in January, and I added a table for review copies. I am lucky enough to be reviewing books regularly, so to get an overview over the books and their deadlines, I am putting them in here. That way I can see when they’re due, what my progess is on them (read, reviewed, done) etc.

Monthly overview


Next up is my trackers page. I am keeping the weather and the mood tracker, but I’m separating them this time.

I mentioned in my January setup, that I was going to change up my mood tracker so it wasn’t every day and with so many colors. This month, I’ve made four boxes with categories of moods, and then I fill in a square with a black marker on days with that emotion.

I’m also trying out a sleep tracker in February, and I’m kinda digging it so far.



Alright, so I managed to bring back the brightness, and this next spread is all about bringing back the happiness. I saw this cute illustration of anxietea on Pinterest and did my own take on it.

The other page is my sort-of-journaling page where I’ll write little tidbits or things that made me smile.


Lastly is my media spread. I’ll write down a song everyday to create a playlist for February, and instead of a bookshelf, my book spread is a reading nook this time around.


I am already thinking about themes for March – if you have any good ones, let me know!

Also, I’ve been considering doing a #afterthepen version where I show you the pages after they’re all filled out, because they really change character when they’re not empty – would you be interested in that?

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2 thoughts on “February Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Lisbeth 07/02/2018 / 20:10

    Hvor er det bare hyggeligt, og virkelig fint lavet! Jeg prøvede selv cirka én dag og kunne bare mærke, at det slet ikke fungerede for mig – i og med at jeg slet ikke er kreativ på den måde endte det med det samme med at blive et irritationselement for mig i stedet, og det er jo ikke meningen. Men beundrer dem altid, når jeg ser dem rundt omkring. Måske #afterthepen-billederne kunne være oplagte til IG? 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Nanna Sander 07/02/2018 / 21:05

      Jeg synes jo næsten at det sjoveste er at lave siderne. Jeg bruger da også siderne, men mere til alle de sjove ting end kun planlægning.


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