Chameleon Nail Powder

Contains product sent for review

Remember how I talked about the amazing weather just a few short days ago? Yeah, that went away real fast.. Now we’re just left with clouds and a slight drizzle. The good thing about the clouds is that it inspires indoor activities such as catching up on photo editing and stuff. When I’m not reading or napping on the couch that is….

Some of the pictures I finally had a chance to edit are these ones of a new (to me) type of nail powder.

I have an entire drawer filled with nail powders, and honestly, I don’t use them too often once the initial interest dies down, but everytime I see a new type, I HAVE to have it. Terrible habit, really.. #nailaddictsunite

So naturally, when I set my eyes on this chameleon powder back in the fall, I fell in love.

Chameleon Powder 1.jpg

I spent AGES trying to decide with color to wear so I could test it, and then I just thought.. I’ll just do it on swatch sticks and do a bunch of colors at once. 

Chameleon Powder 2

I doesn’t really change the mint color that much, but I still think the effect is stunning.

Chameleon Powder 3

I must say, though, that my favorite is the blue one (even though I messed up on the final layer of top coat *oops*).

You do get a ton of powder in the jar, and a little goes a long way, so there is room for me to play around with many more colors.


Why don’t we all cross our fingers for better weather again – especially since I’m spending most of next week on holiday in London, so I would really be bummed out about rain the entire time.

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