Love/Hate Tag

Fivezero just did her Love/Hate Tag (check it out here), and tagged me to do it as well. Thanks fz! This could be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better!

Rules: In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.


  1. Freshly washed bed sheets
  2. Nail polish (surprise!)
  3. Daydreaming
  4. The Beatles
  5. Grapes
  6. Taking showers/baths
  7. Being absorbed into the universe of a book so you don’t want to read something else because you’re not done with the universe yet.
  8. The smell of rain on hot asphalt.
  9. Bell peppers
  10. When my boyfriend lets me put my legs up on his when we’re sitting on the couch.


  1. Ruining nail polish you just applied
  2. When the rain gets your jeans wet and it takes forever to dry so you have to walk around like you pee’d your pants for hours.
  3. Vacuuming!
  4. Whipped cream
  5. Folding socks
  6. Being absorbed into the universe of a book so you don’t want to read something else because you’re not done with the universe yet. (This falls into both categories).
  7. Exams
  8. Dressing
  9. Pretentious people
  10. That I blush so easily


  1. Likesof93
  2. atinypieceofmyheart
  3. ilovemymani
  4. confettiandcurves
  5. dorkchops
  6. countrygirlem
  7. Elliesprettylittlelessons

Have fun!

The Twilight Tag

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve just been re-reading the Twilight saga after the last two films where on TV – and then I found this tag – what great timing! If you’re totally against Twilight, now is the time to stop reading, but if you’re like me and you’re not afraid to indulge your teenage/need-for-cheesy-romance-side, then you’ve probably read the books as well and is nominated to do this as well.  Here are my thoughts!

1. Which book in the series is your favorite?
The first one – mostly the first half. I’m a big sucker for romance and I thought the story of them falling in love is very sweet. 
2. How long did it take you to read the books?

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Chocolate Scones

Yesterday, I had serious cravings for scones! They turned out really well, so I figured I’d share the recipe with you guys even though I’m usually not a food blogger 😉



  • 550 g flour
  • Salt
  • 250 g butter/margarine
  • 25 g baking powder
  • 120 g sugar
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 2,5 dL buttermilk


Preheat oven to 220 degrees celsius. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. Cut the cold butter into dices to make it easier to crumble into the flour. It’s alright if there are clumps left. Chop the chocolate into chunky pieces. Add the baking powder, sugar and chocolate and mix it around without squeezing out the butter clumps. Finally, add buttermilk and mix it all together. Most likely it will be necessary to knead it out on the table covered in a little flour. IMG_0049

Roll the dough on the table so it is about 1½ cm thick. Use a glass to cut out the scones and put them on a baking plate. You will get 20-24 scones out of it.

Bake the scones in the oven for 12-17 minutes.


My own domain

After considering it for a long time, I decided to take the step and register my own domain. This means that my blog will from here on out be found at

As of right now, if you click onto my old address, it will refer you to the new one, but I do not know how long that will last, so if you’re following me through the website itself, please note the change.

If you are currently following me via WordPress or Email, this will not effect you in any way – your subscription is still valid.

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New in: Adidas Adistar Racer


I’ve been looking for sneakers like these FOR-EVER! It is just not until now that I found the perfect ones at a reasonable price. These are from Intersport and were on sale for 599,95 kr. I have a pair in all black that I have to use for work, but I’ve wanted some with some color too for everyday use. IMG_1461I especially like how sneakers compliment a dress/skirt and tights – more than I like how the look with jeans, I think. I don’t know if I’m jumping onboard the sneakers trend a little (too) late, but I still think they’re pretty awesome.

Reusing old apple boxes


I have shamelessly copied this idea from my friend Laura who has used boxes like this since I met her in high school. I’ve been envious of these since then, but apparently they are incredibly popular right now, so they are almost impossible to come by, but I’ve struck luck! Continue reading

Ultimate book-tag

My friend, Camilla, tagged me to do this Ultimate book-tag. Here is a link to hers, if you want to read that as well. I don’t usually do posts about books, but I’m actually a big reader and I thought this would be fun to do!

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Mother does it best: Pancakes edition


Just to clarify – pancakes to me are more similar to crepes than to American pancakes.

Mmmmmh.. I’m just a sucker for pancakes! And while the internet presents many recipes for pancakes, my mum takes the prize for all-time best recipe!

  • 150 g flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 50 g margarine
  • 3 dl milk
  • pinch of salt

I usually make one batch pr. person.

Today, we had some vanilla ice cream left over which just made the pancakes even better!

Giveaway – The Winner

Thank you very much to the people who participated in my giveaway! I enjoyed reading all of your comments and kind words to me and the blog!

The winning comment was drawn through’s number generator:

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The winning comment is:

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It’s beginning to look a lot like spring…

… “look” being the key word.

My first actual plant
My first actual plant

Today, we got a sneak peek of the sun and the spring to come. But it’s just not the same when you still have to put on ten layers of clothes, huge scarfs and woollen socks. But for some reason, I still really like this time of year. You are so hungry for the sun after a dark winter and the cold gets just a little easier to manage when you feel the warmth of the sun.

I’m celebrating the beginning of spring (at least calender-wise) by getting my first ever real plant, not those bamboo sticks that you need to water every 3rd month, not fake flowers, but actual greenery.

On sunday my father and boyfriend got so annoyed with me saying for forever how I really wanted a plant, but we’ve never really had the space for it before, so when in IKEA they got me this plant! I’m not sure which kind it is, but I love it! And today it got a little taste of the sun.

How are you spending the first few days of spring?