Nail trends I don’t understand #3

Lip stick shaped nails

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images – Really cute nail art actually!

Nails shaped like a lipstick, either with a point to one side or the two sided with the point in the middle.

I mean, how does one NOT poke out an eye with this nail shape?? Or scratch yourself all the time?? I’m a much bigger fan of the straight edge in square nails or the rounded shape of oval or almond nails.

Nail trends I don’t understand #1

Duck Feet Nails

Not my images! Source: google images

This is a nail trend, I just don’t understand! Getting fake nails that widen at the tip to resemble duck feet. Not only am I having trouble seeing how this can be considered pretty, but they must also be super annoying to wear! And if it’s a pedicure, how do they fit inside shoes? Of course there are diffenrent kinds of these nails, some longer and wider than others, but.. No, I just don’t get it..