31 day nail polish challenge: Wrap Up

I finally made it all the way around the 31 day nail polish challenge! And it only took me, what, 9 months? Anyways, that’s not important! If you weren’t around for the beginning of the challenge (and the blog), here you can see all of the days! If you want to read the original posts I’ll leave the links down below. Continue reading

31 day nail polish challenge: Day 30 + 31: Tutorial + Honor nails you love

It felt right for me to combine the last two days of the challenge because the nail art I wanted to honor was also a tutorial by the YouTuber Packapunchpolish and I knew from the moment I saw it that I’d have to do that!

I’m still trying to figure out how to properly watermarble – I’m not quite all the way there yet, but don’t they say that practice makes perfect? I’ve certainly gotten better at the other techniques the more I’ve practised them.

Gradient and watermarblePolishes used:

  • China Glaze – Treblemaker
  • Essie – Blanc
  • Rimmel London – Bewitch

31 day nail art challenge: Day 29: Inspired by the supernatural

I don’t know if this is inspired by ‘supernatural’ per se, but it definitely looks scary – I’m going to a birthday tomorrow – maybe it’s not the most suited manicure 😀supernatural 2

supernatural 1

It is supposed to look like I’ve been scratching at a wall or the inside of a coffin or something like that..supernatural 3

Polishes used: 

Essie – Blanc

L’Oréal – 404 Scarlet Vamp

31 day nail polish challenge: day 28: Inspired by a flag

Yeah, so I wasn’t just inspired by ONE flag for this challenge day, but 5! I chose to do the 5 flags for the 5 nordic countries: Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (from thumb to pinky).

inspired by flag

I cannot BELIEVE how straight these lines are! That, I did not expect! Yes, they could be straighter, but I expected them to WAY more wobbly than they are! I did this on my dominant hand as well and they’re actually also pretty straight – what just happened there??

I used Essie’s Blanc and L’Oréal’s Banana Pop (for the Swedish flag) as my base colors and then I used generic stripers in red and blue.

31 day nail polish challenge: Day 27: Inspired by artwork

inspired by artwork

I found this image through a Google search, and for some reason it makes me happy to look at. Then it is also a plus that I could really see the potential for a manicure in here as well, so of course this photo had to inspire day 27 of the challenge! (Not many days left now..)

Here is what I got out of it – if you wanna see how I did it, check out the video down below!IMG_14711

Polishes I used (apart from base and top coat): IMG_1482

The video is a bit narrow – I hadn’t realized until after I’d finished filming that I’d turned the camera the wrong way, but I still wanted to share it with you guys, so bear with me 😉

31 day nail polish challenge: Day 26: Inspired by a pattern

inspired by pattern

I found this picture on Pinterest and my manicure for day 26 was inspired by this.


Thank God it is only supposed to be ‘inspired by’ and not ‘recreate’, because it doesn’t look quite as close to the inspiration as I had hoped, but it still looks pretty neat.

WP_20150425_023My base color is by Technic and it is called Mr Blue Sky. The stripes are just a generic blue, metallic striper that doesn’t have a name. The glitter pieces are Essie’s A Stroke of Brilliance.

31 day nail polish challenge: day 25: inspired by fashion

Right now, we’re seeing lace everywhere!

Like here

1 Or here

2and these are just a few examples!

I myself really like lace! My favorite dress right now looks very similar to the white one above. What gave me the inspiration for this particular manicure was my new bra that I showed you in my previous post:


Here is what I came up with:

IMG_13461 IMG_13491

Lace is actually really hard to do freehand but I did the best I could 😉

Polishes used;

Essie – Help me grow (base coat)

Rimmel London salon pro – Rhythm and blues (blå)

Seche Vite (Top coat)

31 day nail polish challenge: day 24: Inspired by a book: Fifty Shades of Grey

Oh no, not another manicure inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, you might say. But yes. Because I only just recently got on the Fifty Shades wave, and I’m kinda addicted now!

I got the books for christmas, but I had no desire to read them – I actually only kept them because I couldn’t exchange them. And I certainly had no intention to see the movie. I actually found it embarrassing to have the books on my shelf and I kept them in the back because I was afraid people would judge me for it. But as it turns out, I only felt that way because of what people had said about the books and the movie, because when I actually read the books, they were not at all as bad and embarrassing as people had said! They were actually pretty good!

Read my reviews of the books here, here and here.

A friend of mine came home from the cinema and told me that the movie was really great, so I surrendered and read the books – I really wanted to know what the fuss was about. And once I picked up the first one, I didn’t stop reading until I closed the third one. I read all three books in 4 days – crazy days. I even went to the cinema twice to see it – I had a free ticket, so why not use it to watch Jamie Dornan for 2 hours?

Anyways, I’m getting off topic. I know that many people has their take on nail art inspired by the books and movie, this is mine:

Sorry for the shakey picture – I didn’t realise until it was too late to take another.

I started by painting each nail a different shade of Grey (get it?). I actually considered leaving it like this, because I think the ombre-effect across your nails looks pretty cool, but I decided to take it further with some striping tape and a gradient with all 5 colours.

IMG_12341 IMG_12411

I like how it is a different colour that shines through the gradient on each nail.

Polishes used:


What do you think?


31 day nail polish challenge: Day 23 part 2: Inspired by a movie: UP

As I said in the previous day 23 post, I had trouble deciding between two movies, so I just did both!

I am a huge 9gagger (not that I’ve ever posted anything myself, but that’s beyond the point) and every so often posts about the movie UP! pops up (mostly in comparison with other love stories) and it did so the other day when I was going to create the design for this challenge day. I had some inspiration from Google Images, but I didn’t use one particular photo for inspiration, so I won’t link to any.

inspired by up 2 inspired by up 1

Polishes used:

IMG_1166(From left to right)

Sally Hansen – Vitamin Sea

Sally Hansen – Tahitian Sunset

Essie – Mesmerized

Essie – Watermelon

Maybelline Color Show – Winter Baby

L’Oréal Paris – Banana Pop

Depend – 91

Depend – 39


31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 23: Inspired by a movie

Geez guys, sorry for the lack of nail-related posts (or posts in general) – I’ve been testing out Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polishes in order to give my review of them.

So, back on track with the 31 day (Ha!) challenge – day 23 – inspired by a movie (perhaps part 1 as I couldn’t decide between two movies)

This manicure is inspired by How to train your dragon (the first one!). I only saw the original movie as the second was already in theaters (which I immediately went to see!), but I absolutely loved it! Toothless is so adorable! I even ended up reading the book too. So of course I had to do some nail art inspired by that! I didn’t really know how to do it, but after a quick google/YouTube search, I found a great tutorial on it. I tried painting on the eyes as well, but they didn’t look like I wanted them to, so I just ended up creating 10 similar nails.

Polishes used:


Sally Hansen base and top coat

OPI matte top coat

Maybelline Color Show (Winter Baby) + (Nearly Black)

Gina Tricot (Black Denim)

Here is the finished look!

inspired by movie

Maybelline Color Show (Nearly Black) has the prettiest multicoloured shimmer that unfortunately I wasn’t able to create on camera, so here are the pictures I used in my recent One Coat Wonders-post

Maybelline Nearly Black