31DC2015: Sum Up

I made it! I made it through an entire month of nail art without missing a day or being delayed. This challenge really made me rediscover my love of nail art, but it also made me glad that you usually get to keep your manicures on for more than a day – partly because it is time consuming and quite frankly a waste of materials to change it every day, but also because it is not fun having to remove a manicure you love so soon.

In case you missed some of my challenge manicures, I’ve lined them all up for you in this post – the headlines will take you to the original post if you want to see the details of that particular manicure. Continue reading

31DC2015: Day 31 Honor Nails You Love

Today is the very last day of the 31 day nail polish challenge, which is  good timing since I’ve gotten myself a good old-fashioned cold. I’m really pleasantly suprised by the end result of today’s manicure since I could only get through one hand before feeling queesy and having to stop.

The nails I decided to honor was a manicure I’ve had pinned for some time now – they’re made by bettinanails – honestly, I’ve never seen anything else of her work, but these are just amazing! Continue reading

31DC2015: Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial

This manicure could just as well have been under tomorrow’s “honor nails you love”-prompt, because I just LOVE these fall nails that JauntyJuli made a few weeks ago. You can watch the tutorial here.

I put down a layer of matte top coat for the watercolor to stick better to my nail, and I thought about mattifying it again after the shiny top coat because it looked super cool, but once I put the shiny top coat on, I was sold. It looked so amazing! And let’s be honest – shiny top coat is a lot more forgiving than matte when it comes to small errors. Continue reading

Celebration! + 31DC2015: Day 29 Inspired by the supernatural

Today is a day of celebration! Today my blog turns one, and today I also hit 200 followers on WordPress! What great timing. Thank you guys so much for sharing this incredible year with me and thank you for all of your comments so far! I can’t tell you enough how greatly I appreciate them! Blogging is so much more fun when you can get a conversation going with your readers.

Now, on to today’s manicure for the challenge! Today we’re doing inspired by the supernatural and I found that to be a hard one! I kept going back to halloween-looks, but that’s not necessarily supernatural stuff. After a search on Google, I came across this manicure and decided to recreate it. Continue reading

31DC2015: Day 28 Inspired by a flag

Today is an all-Essie manicure inspired by a flag. For this manicure I got my inspiration from this manicure and I chose to do the Dutch flag because of the color combination, but you could do just about any flag or color combination.

28.1 28.2

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Blanc
  • Essie – Ballet slippers
  • Essie – Mesmerised
  • Essie – Bordeaux

[Day 28 – 2014]

31DC2015: Day 27 Inspired by artwork

Today’s inspiration came from this painting I found on Pinterest.

27.1 27.2

Polishes used:

  • Technic – Mr Blue Skye
  • Essie – Mesmerised
  • Essie – Hide and go chic
  • Essie – Ruffles and Feathers
  • Essie – Go Overboard
  • Technic – Canary
  • Sally Hansen – Tahitian Sunset

[Day 27 – 2014]

31DC2015: Day 26 Inspired by a pattern

Today’s post is a little late(-r than usual) because I accidentally did TOMORROW’S prompt a day early and didn’t have time to do today’s before now. I was a little sceptical at first, but now I really, really like this look! This just might be going in the manicures-I’m-gonna-recreate-after-the-challenge pile.

Today’s inspiration was from this pattern and this pinterest manicure that I’ve had pinned for ages.

26.1 26.2

Polishes used:

  • E.L.F – Mint Cream
  • Essie – Ruffles & Feathers
  • China Glaze – Treblemaker
  • Nail Deco Striper

[Day 26 – 2014]

31DC2015: Day 25 Inspired by fashion

Today’s manicure was inspired by my super awesome yoga pants.


25.3 25.2

Polishes used:

  • L’Oréal – Metropolitan
  • Essie – The Perfect Cover Up
  • Depend – 39
  • Essie – Blanc

[Day 25 – 2014]

31DC2015: Day 24 Inspired by a book

Like I said yesterday, the reason why I settled on Harry Potter nails for the movie prompt was because I had another idea for the book prompt. The book is called The Universe Versus Alex Woods, and though I’ve yet to actually read it, I really like the color combination on the cover.


24.2 24.1

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Hide & Go Chic
  • Technic – Mr Blue Sky
  • Technic – Canary
  • Sally Hansen – Himalaya (also my base color)
  • Sally Hansen – Tahitian Sunset
  • Depend – 39 (trees)

[Day 24 – 2014]

31DC2015: Day 23 Inspired by a movie

I couldn’t go through the challenge again without including Harry Potter! The real question was not whether or not I should include it, but if I should do it under the movie or the book prompt. What ultimately made the decision was the fact that I came up with another idea for the book prompt.

I guess you could say that I’ve combined the two prompts, because I’ve actually done the house colors as they’re described in the book rather than in the movie, because I’m too big a geek to let the film-flaw go by unnoticed.


Polishes used:

  • Cien 36
  • Cien 37
  • Rimmel – Rock n Roll
  • L’Oréal – Banana Pop
  • China Glaze – Mind the Gap
  • Essie – Mesmerised
  • Technic – Vert
  • Depend – 39

[Day 23 part one – 2014]

[Day 23 part two – 2014]