31DC2016: Day 23 Inspired By A Movie

I always find the “inspired by a movie/song/book”-prompts difficult – which source of inspiration should I use?

For today’s movie prompt, I was inspired by one of the big franchises: The Lord of the Rings. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 22 Inspired By A Song

Do you remember back in 2005 when everybody was singing along to Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’? Well, I was certainly one of those people, and to be honest, this still pops up on my playlist from time to time. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 21 Inspired By A Color

Now we head into the part of the challenge which is the most challenging, but perhaps also the most fun. Within these last ten days of the challenge, you get to stretch your skills and your creativity as far as you’d like. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 20 Water Marble

Traditional water marble nails are always a hassle for me to create, but the challenge says so, so… here we go!

Since I dragged the challenge in to the month of October (ehm…), I started seeing all these halloween nails everywhere. I guess I was kinda inspired by that – at least the color scheme of these nails kinda remind me of halloween.. I don’t know.. You decide.

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31DC2016: Day 19 Galaxies

I LOVE galaxy nails, but I’ve done them a couple of times before (1234), so for this year’s challenge, I wanted to do something a little different.

I got the idea from Ohmygoshpolish to include some planets in my galaxy, so that’s what I did. That also gave me a chance to try out my new W7 Jelly Bean polishes. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 18 Half Moons

After a little break, I am back with another installment of 31DC2016 – this time it is half moons.

I’ve never been much of a fan of half moons – I think I also mentioned this last year.

So for that reason, I only did a half moon as an accent nail and I did it with a subtle color so it isn’t too noticeable. With the added dots, it looks a little bit like a sun. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 17 Glitter

I’ve decided that today’s mani is going to be the last one for the 31DC2016 challenge for now. I was really excited for the challenge, but when September rolled around, it turned out to be a much busier month than anticipated with me starting my master’s programme and a new job. For this reason, I haven’t felt like I had enough time in one day to also paint my nails (and take pictures of it and blog about it) without it becoming a chore that I HAD to get done. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 16 Geometric

I’ve gone with a simple, monochromatic look for the geometric prompt. When I started linking the posts from previous years in to this one, I realized that this looks similar to last year’s mani.

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31DC2016: Day 15 Delicate Print

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Jonas!

This year, I get to be a part of the club that uses stamping plates to interpret the ‘delicate print’-prompt. Continue reading

31DC2016: Day 14 Flowers

I always really like the flower prompt, but I always struggle a bit to come up with new ideas for this prompt because I often make flowers for other prompts (or other manis) as well.

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