Fall Clothing Haul

Since the end of the challenge, I’ve needed a break from blogging, and to be honest, that feeling hasn’t quite passed yet, so I’m not sure how often I will be posting over the next few weeks – that depends on how much I feel like it. I want to create good content for the blog, and that just doesn’t happen when it feels obligatory, so I hope you’ll bear with me, if sometimes my blogging schedule becomes a little sparse. I actually have a schedule planned out in my head, but since you don’t always know what life throws at you, I’m just going to keep it in my head so I won’t disappoint anyone if I stray from it.

After the shift in the weather I’ve been searching through my closet for warmer clothes, and as it turns out, I don’t have that much pretty AND warm clothes. Either it’s pretty, summer clothes or warm, comfortable clothes. I had my mom with me on a shopping trip looking for new, warm clothes that is a bit more mature and pretty than all of my comfy sweaters (which I still love, by the way).

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OOTD: Mother-in-law’s 50th birthday


Blazer: Vero ModaIMG_0006 IMG_0012

Dress: OnlyIMG_0038Shoes: Bianco

IMG_0010Nails: Essie – Fiji & Maybelline – Bronze Me Up

Ring: Moss Copenhagen

IMG_0014Because I couldn’t take myself seriously for very long 😉