Recreation: February 2015

I’m just about ready for some spring! We got a bit of sun yesterday which lifted my mood a lot, but it is still freezing temperatures. Knowing the climate here in Denmark, spring won’t come for several weeks or even months, so I guess I’ll have to settle for spring on my nails. Continue reading

Review: Gold Stickers from the Born Pretty Store

Products sent to me for review.

Today, I have a review of these gold stickers that the Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me for review.

I forgot to take a picture of the packaging before I used it, so you’ll have to see the pictures on the website (Direct link).

Each package comes with one sheet with three designs. Each design has 10 stickers so you have enough for a full manicure.

The prize (at the moment) is: $2.94.

I tested one of the designs out, and here is what they look like over Essie’s Frock’n Roll.

gold half moon triangles 2gold half moon triangles 1

Since these are just regular stickers, they are super easy to use! You just take them off the paper and place them on your nail. If you’ve applied a layer of top coat before, you can even replace them if you’re not happy with your placement.

However, since they are just regular stickers, they peel off pretty quickly. I applied a layer of top coat over them, but after just a few hours, some of them started to lift a bit at the edges. With some of them, it was just the clear part that was in between the gold triangles, so I could just add another layer of top coat, but with one or two of them, the gold sticker also started to lift.

They are a bit tricky to get off, since nail polish remover does not dissolve them very easily, so you have to sort of dissolve the top coat, peel the sticker off with your fingers, and then remove the polish underneath.

While these might only be good for a day or two, they are perfect if you want a quick, easy manicure.

You can get them here, and if you use the discount code BOTX31 at checkout, you get 10 % off the entire website which is packed with nail art goodies!

Born Pretty Store Coupon Code.jpg



Essie Fall 2015 + Winter 2015 + 2 Lux effects | Swatches and review

Products received as a gift

Picture-heavy post

fall + winter collectionI was lucky enough to win a christmas giveaway on the blog Spinthebeauty. I won 14 Essie nail polishes! I won the entire fall and winter collection from 2015 plus two polishes from the new(er) lux effects collection. Thank you so much, Maria and Essie Denmark!

I got them in these awesome collector’s boxes that are super cute, and honestly, if they sold the polishes in these boxes out in the stores, I’d probably be buying full collections more often!

Now, I know the collections are not new, but they are still available lots of places, so I thought I’d show you swatches and provide you with my review in case you were still interested in picking some of these up. Continue reading

Review: Seche Vite vs Essie Gel Setter Top Coat


You’ve probably heard or read nail-addicts rave about the top coat from Seche Vite. I have even raved about it – you can read my inital review here.

But now, Seche Vite has gotten some competition for the spot as the best top coat on the market. Essie has released a top coat that they call Gel Setter.

According to Essie, the gel setter top coat is supposed to give your manicure a gel-like finish; glossy, hardened and long-lasting.

It’s time for a comparison!

Prize (that I paid):

  • Seche Vite: 99 DKK / $15 / £10 / €14
  • Essie Gel Setter Top Coat: 115 DKK / $17 / £12 / €16

Dry time:

Both top coats dry very quickly – Seche Vite hardens a little faster, which makes it seem like it dries quicker.

Lasting time:

  • Seche Vite: Like I said in my original Seche Vite review, I get about three days out of it.
  • Essie Gel Setter Top Coat: I also get about three days out of this one
  • Common for both top coats is that the longer my nails are, the faster they chip

Advantages and disadvantages of Essie Gel Setter Top Coat:

  • Advantages
    • DNP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free
    • Even coverage – no shrinking of the polish
    • Very glossy finish
    • Wide brush
  • Disadvantages
    • Higher Prize

Advantages and disadvantages of Seche Vite:

  • Advantages
    • Hardens quickly and lets you continue with your day
    • Very glossy finish
    • Not easily dented once dry
    • Cheaper prize
  • Disadvantages
    • Strong smell
    • Shrinks polish around the edges
    • Narrow, round brush


Now, has Seche Vite lost its spot in my opinion? Not necessarily. Seche Vite is still my go-to top coat if I’m putting tape on my nails for nail art because it dries the surface quicker. However, when it comes to the finishing top coat, and for everyday use, I’m more fan of Essie’s. I like the brush better, I like that it doesn’t smell or shrink the polish.

Now it’s just up to you to decide if you agree with me.



31DC2015: Day 28 Inspired by a flag

Today is an all-Essie manicure inspired by a flag. For this manicure I got my inspiration from this manicure and I chose to do the Dutch flag because of the color combination, but you could do just about any flag or color combination.

28.1 28.2

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Blanc
  • Essie – Ballet slippers
  • Essie – Mesmerised
  • Essie – Bordeaux

[Day 28 – 2014]

Revisiting the Classics: Dark Red Nails

I saw an episode of Gossip Girl and one of the characters – I don’t even remember which one – was wearing dark red nail polish and I can’t even remember the last time I just had plain, red nails. Of course, not completely plain, because I can hardly ever resist doing an accent nail and I’ve really been loving this flaky-polish lately.

Essie - Bordeaux & China Glaze Luxe & Lush
Essie – Bordeaux & China Glaze Luxe & Lush

I just feel like you can never go wrong with such a classic color. The polishes are Essie’s ‘Bordeaux’ and China Glaze’s ‘Luxe & Lush’.

Friday Favorite

This week’s favorite is a polish that is fairly new to me, but I’ve been wearing it pretty much all the time since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s a very sheer, pink nude that makes your nails look super clean, but it doesn’t look like there is any polish on your nails. If you do one coat, it’s very natural, if you do two you start seeing that polish-look but still very natural and if you do three coats, you get the color that you see in the bottle, which is also a really pretty color, so I’ve been mixing the number of coats up from time to time. I actually waited a long time before buying this because I didn’t think I’d get a use out of it, but I saw it on my friend Laura’s nails and that persuaded me and I just LOVE it!

Glossy stripes on matte

I’ve been wanting to do a manicure that was matte, but not just all matte. I saw a picture on pinterest where the nails were painted all matte grey, and I really liked the look of that. But since I’ve been ill for a week and going on, I haven’t done much with my nails, leaving them bare or with just a simple, light color. IMG_13051 IMG_13141

It’s funny how my left hand is much more used to posing than my right hand lol.


Essie – Help me grow (base coat)

Essie – the perfect cover up (grey)

Seche Vite (top coat)

OPI – matte top coat

Striping tape

Almost-negative space manicure

~ sorry for the lack of posts and for the lack of creativity in this one – I’ve been ill for the last couple of days ~

Here are pictures of a manicure that I had on a few days ago. I was at a friend’s house, so I didn’t have striping tape, so I had to use regular tape, so the lines aren’t as clean, but I think it looks alright.

20150321_115343 20150321_115421

Polishes used:

Essie – Decadent Dish (brown)

Essie – Ladylike (light lilac)

Spring glitter manicure

Yesterday, I told you about how I’m getting in the mood for spring.

So naturally, my nails wanted to look like spring too!

IMG_12201 IMG_12211

It got this new polish from Essie called Ruffles and Feathers, and it is just the prettiest green/blue-ish colour!


On top of that I put a blue and green microglitter-polish from H&M in an ombre from the cuticle.

I would love to see your spring manicure! Tweet me @Nasaje93!


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