Manicure of the day #10: Sideways French Manicure

If you were hoping for a post about #thedress, then this is not it 😉

The other day I just had to cut my nails short. Not because I broke one of them or anything like that, but because they were driving me a little crazy. I don’t usually have very long nails, so I’m not really used to it, so when they actually grew long, they were sort of annoying so – short nails.

This manicure was one I actually did on one of my friends when she visited me for my birthday back in november, but I only recently remembered it, and I liked it quite a lot, so when I felt like a simple mani, this is what I decided to do.

It is just like creating a traditional french manicure, but sideways! I’ve seen people use decals to get the lines clean, but I don’t have any of those so I just did it free hand.
IMG_11831 IMG_11851 IMG_11861Polishes used:

Essie – Muchi, Muchi (light pink)

Essie – A Cut Above (pink glitter)

Check my previous post for a chance to win three awesome Essie nail polishes!


100 followers + Giveaway!! (Ended)

YAAAAAAAAY, I recently hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! It means so much to me that more than 100 people want to read what I write about! I had no idea that the blog would grow to be so big within just 6 months.
To celebrate this milestone and to thank all of my lovely followers, I am hosting a giveaway!

I’m giving away three Essie nail polishes; Leading Lady, Pink Diamond and Vanity Fairest.

IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1179

How to win:

– To enter you must be a follower of the blog either through WordPress, Bloglovin’ or by email.

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Optional: it would be greatly appreciated if you would share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your own blog or other places.

The giveaway runs from 26/2 2015 (today) until 5/3 2015 (next thursday). 

The giveaway is open worldwide.

I will create a new post next week to tell you who has won and I will also reply to the winning comment, so check back next week! If the winner does not respond within three days, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck!


* All products were purchased by myself with my own money * 

* I am not responsible for possible errors with the shipping/postal services *

One Coat Wonders

Some nail polishes are very pretty, and some are very pretty AND opaque in one coat. I love when you stumble upon one of these polishes, because it makes it much easier to apply and dries much faster. I want to show you a part of my collection and I’ve chosen 6 polishes in my collection that I would call One Coat Wonders.

1. Essie – Mezmerised. This is completely opaque in one coat and the formula is great. Essie Mezmerised

2. Sephora – No. 46 Dangerous. This is actually something in between a one and a two coater. If you put on two coats it does become more opaque, but that covers up some of the beautiful shimmer, so I usually only apply a (very neat) single coat.

Sephora 46 Dangerous

3. Essie – The Perfect Cover Up. This is totally opaque in one coat and like the other Essie colour, it has a great formula that makes applying easy.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up

4. Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum. This is similar to the Sephora polish as one coat shows the most beautiful shine whereas two coats covers it unless in direct sunlight. So for me it is a one coater, but you have to be careful when applying, which might mean that other people would want another coat.

SH Rule of Plum

5. Essie – Watermelon. It looks a little more red in these pictures, but as you can see here and here, it is much more pink in real life.

Essie Watermelon

6. Maybelline Color Show – Nearly Black. Because this is a textured polish it covers up the imperfections it might have on the first coat and therefore it is only necessary with one.

Maybelline Nearly Black


31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 22: Inspired by a song

I actually had something else planned for this day. But then time passed, and I didn’t complete the challenge as quickly as anticipated – I got better at painting my nails and getting ideas, so the challenge fell into the background a bit. And now it is february! Which means Valentine’s Day, if you’re celebrating that. I actually don’t but I suspect a lot of my readers do, so when I thought of this song and the nail art to go with it, I thought it was quite fitting for the season.

The song that inspired me was:

You all know I love the Beatles! Anyway, the song is about love and about sending it to someone. Here is the nail art I came up with:

I apologise for the yellow paint on my fingers - I've been painting.
Please excuse the yellow paint on my fingers – I’ve been painting.

Polishes used:

Depend – 136 (Pearly background)

Essie – Bordeaux (Dark red)

L’Oréal Paris – 210 (Pink)

Essie – Muchi, Muchi (light pink)

Essie – Fiji (very light pink)

L’Oréal Paris – 702 (Black)

Painting my friend’s nails

Yesterday, I had the lovely company of two of my close friends and a boyfriend. One of them is going to London (lucky her! Not at all jealous!) so she asked if I would paint her nails before leaving. She wanted something symmetrical (not like the chaos I sometimes have on my nails 😉 ) and she wanted something classy. I suggested a design and she chose the colours.

Polishes used:

Essie – The Perfect Cover Up (dark grey)

L’Oréal – 843 (Gold glitter)

Here is the finished look:

Katrines hånd

The darker colour looks black in this picture, but it is actually a very dark grey. I think this came out looking pretty amazing! I would definitely recreate this sometime on my nails – the colours look so good together! Maybe I’d do it with a dark green and the gold, which we also considered yesterday, but decided that it might look a little to christmas-y.

Have a wonderful trip to London, Katrine!


31 day nail polish challenge: day 21: inspired by a colour

I decided to base this nail art on the name/colour of one of my nail polishes: Essie‘s Watermelon.

watermelon collage

Now it should be pretty easy for you to guess, what my nail art will look like. Watermelons!

watermelon nail art collage

Nail polishes used:

Essie – Watermelon (watermelon)

Pieces – Coco Milk (Brown)

Depend – 91 (dark green)

Mavala – Electric green (light green)


My new swatchsticks

For quite some time I’ve been thinking of a way to organize my nail polish collection. I don’t think I’m ready to have one of those wall-mounted racks like this one and we don’t have that more floor space left to put a cabinet or something similar. That’s why I currently store it in this drawer underneath our desk in the bedroom.

IMG_1005But while I have them organised by brand, it’s not that easy to see which colours I have, and I’m kind of annoyed by the fact because sometimes you get inspiration from looking at the colours or you forget which colours you actually have.

Then it occurred to me that there was another way of seeing all of your colours without displaying all of your polishes.

I bought a hundred of these clear acrylic swatch sticks. They came in packs of 50, but one pack wasn’t enough.


Then the painting began! And it was fun!

swatchsticks closeupI painted about two coats on each except for colours that were less opaque – those I painted with three or more coats. I thought about applying top coat as well, but I didn’t think it was necessary and didn’t want to “waste” top coat. Then I laid them out to dry over night. It took me two nights to get it done because I ran out of space on the desk to put them on.

When they were dry, I wrote the brand of the polish and its name or number on the stick. I wrote what was on the cap of the polish so it would be easier to pick up the correct one without checking all of them first. All of the markers and pens I had couldn’t write one these and I didn’t want to go out and buy a label-maker just for this, so I found one of these big, black sharpies and wrote with that. It was a bit hard to fit it all on there and sometimes it gets kind of hard to read, but I basically remember which polish they belong to anyway.

swatchsticks closeup textThen I put them on the screw that came with them, and I was done! I thought about how to organize them and I considered doing it by brand, but in the end I decided to do it by colour so I would be able to compare two polishes to see which one I would want to use. One screw holds all the clear glitters, silvers, whites, the nudes, reds and browns. The other holds the blues, purples, yellow, golds, greens, greys and blacks.

færdige swatchsticks collage66 polishes!

Let me know if you would be interested in a post about my collection where I show you what I have.

Over and out, Nanna. 

Manicure of the day #6 with tutorial: Sideways Chevron


This will be my new years eve-manicure this year. Not so festive per se, but I just didn’t feel like a themed manicure.

If you want to see how it’s done, here is the YouTube video:

Love, Nanna