Friday Favorites

IMG_1365^^I’ve raved about this before, but I wanted to mention it again. I’m a little embarrassed by how much of this I’ve already used, but it is pretty amazing. It absorbs into your skin within minutes and it has a smell that is a little flower-y without it being too much.


^^I guess I’m a little scent-fixated today, because this hairspray also makes it into this post because of its smell. I don’t know about you, but I hate the smell of hairspray! That typical smell that leaves you unable to breathe afterwards. This hairspray has a sweet smell rather than the harsh typical smell, which I really like. The fact that it holds my hair well is just a contributing factor 😉

færdige swatchsticks collage^^I am SO happy I decided to make these a while ago (while I still had the old URL)! When you have 80+ nail polishes stocked up in a small drawer, these really save the day when you want to find the polish(es) for your next manicure. Here is a link to the post when I made these which also contain a link to where I bought them.

Have a nice weekend!