Red and Black Plaid

I mentioned the other day in my stamping plate haul that the first plate I wanted to try out was the one with the plaids on it, and it was. I showed this to my friend who, like myself, has been a little obsessed with the tv-show Outlander, and she asked me if this was inspired by that. It wasn’t, but I definitely see where she was coming from. Have you seen that show? Continue reading

Marble Nails Using a Permanent Marker

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still very much in to everything marble (and rose gold, but that’s a subject for another time). My eyes are still drawn to everything resembling marble and I’ve had to stop myself from buying yet another marble item many times. Continue reading

Slanted French Tips With Flower Decals

Contains product sent to me for review

Not too long ago, I made fun of the obsession with slanted and alternative french tips I had last year around this time. I guess the weather just does something to me, because here I am, at it again with does slanted french tips! Continue reading

Tiny Glitter Hearts

After wearing a couple of colorful manicures – the latest being this heartbeat-one – I felt the need for a nude manicure. I was thinking I’d just wear a nude polish, but that seemed a little too boring right after the many intricate nail art designs, so I spiced the nude up a bit with some tiny glitter hearts in silver and bronze.

Tiny glitter hearts 1Tiny glitter hearts 2Tiny glitter hearts 3

Polishes used:

Surprise Saturday: Lipstick kisses

I’m not a big believer in celebrating Valentine’s Day, since celebrating it is not really a thing in Denmark, but the three colors for this week’s surprise challenge are so pretty and girly, and since I know a lot of you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day, here is a manicure that’s perfect for that! Plus, there is a video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Kisses 1kisses 2

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Muchi, Muchi
  • OPI – Red Fingers and Mistletoes
  • Maybelline – Pink Party Dress

Essie Fall 2015 + Winter 2015 + 2 Lux effects | Swatches and review

Products received as a gift

Picture-heavy post

fall + winter collectionI was lucky enough to win a christmas giveaway on the blog Spinthebeauty. I won 14 Essie nail polishes! I won the entire fall and winter collection from 2015 plus two polishes from the new(er) lux effects collection. Thank you so much, Maria and Essie Denmark!

I got them in these awesome collector’s boxes that are super cute, and honestly, if they sold the polishes in these boxes out in the stores, I’d probably be buying full collections more often!

Now, I know the collections are not new, but they are still available lots of places, so I thought I’d show you swatches and provide you with my review in case you were still interested in picking some of these up. Continue reading