Friday Favorite: Wet n Wild CoverAll Concealer Palette


I talked about this color correcting palette in my Wet n Wild Haul and I mentioned how I was really impressed with it. Well, I’ve only become more impressed with it as time has passed. I have yet to really venture in to using the three other colors, but I’ve been loving the pink color. I use it to cover up the dark circles under my eyes, and it works wonders. It matches my skin tone almost exactly, so I don’t really have to put concealer or anything over it – this works as a concealer. I’d even say this matches better than the concealers I’ve tried, because most concealers have a yellow undertone, but my skin has a red undertone. The fact that I can use this as a concealer is really awesome, because I never wear foundation and only occasionally concealer, but I badly want to cover up the dark circles. Plus, it was super affordable. Big thumbs up.

Friday favorite: Our new bed

This week’s favorite is kind of an odd one. Last weekend we upgraded from a queen size bed (140×200 cm) to a king size bed (180×200 cm). All that space!


Friday Favorite: The Body Shop Body Butter


The Body Shop recently hit a milestone on their Danish Instagram page, so all the shops gave away these 50ml body butters in Frosted Plum with every purchase. I needed some things that I could just as well buy in The Body Shop and get this at the same time – I love all things that are free.
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Friday Favorite: Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

IMG_3204IMG_3203I’d put this one away a really long time ago, because I wasn’t sure that I liked the smell it has when I’m used to unscented lip balms. I found this while looking for a lipstick and thought I’d give it another chance, and now I really like it. I definitely had to get used to the scent, but I like how much firmer this balm is than most other lip balms which also makes it less sticky.

Friday Favorite

Luxe & Lush
Luxe & Lush

This week’s favorite is not limited to this week, I’ve been reaching for this a lot lately. This is my first flaky polish, but definitely not my last! It is the perfect polish for an accent nail because the flakies look different depending on the color polish it’s layered over. Perfect!

Friday Favorite

This week’s favorite is a polish that is fairly new to me, but I’ve been wearing it pretty much all the time since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s a very sheer, pink nude that makes your nails look super clean, but it doesn’t look like there is any polish on your nails. If you do one coat, it’s very natural, if you do two you start seeing that polish-look but still very natural and if you do three coats, you get the color that you see in the bottle, which is also a really pretty color, so I’ve been mixing the number of coats up from time to time. I actually waited a long time before buying this because I didn’t think I’d get a use out of it, but I saw it on my friend Laura’s nails and that persuaded me and I just LOVE it!

Friday favourite 

I’ve been supervising an exam in high school all day – now I’m ready to just curl up in bed with a book (even though I’ve read more than 300 pages today).

Hello all! Today, I wanted to talk about something that I’ve grown to love lately: the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara.
There are two colors and I have it in the darkest: dark brown. As I mentioned in my eyebrow post I only started actually doing something to my brows a couple of months ago. I’ve tried different things, but I really, really like this brow mascara. It has colored gel which has just the right opacity to shape and define your brows without making them look unnaturally dark. The brush is really great because it has that ball at the end so the area you’re touching is smaller which makes it easier to handle and to make sure you distribute it evenly – without the ball I manage to get it clumpy some places and not opaque enough other places. I like to pair it with an eyebrow pencil and it gives me perfect brows (as perfect as mine can get ;))

I’d definitely recommend this! Big thumbs up!

Have you tried this product or something similar?

Friday Favorite


Wella Ocean Spritz | Dry


I got this from my friend, Lisbeth because she had two and I mentioned that I’d wanted to try out the whole beach spray thing. I had one of these many, many years ago before I even knew how to properly use it, but I remember liking the effect back then as well as now.  Continue reading