No. 7: Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock

This is usually not my favorite style of music, but this particular song has been stuck in my head since the day before yesterday. My boyfriend and I really like to play NBA 2k15 on PS4 and by now we know ALL of the songs in the soundtrack as they play constantly. This is one of them. For many hours I didn’t even notice that I was singing it until my boyfriend started singing it. I didn’t even know what song the lines I was singing was from! If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know how annoying it is not to know such a thing, so a quick YouTube-search led us to this video.

This song reminds me of those movies from the late 80s/early 90s with white chicks in silver crop tops, silver skirts and white knee-high boots dancing (think Kelly Bundy from Married With Children). I couldn’t find something to accurately describe it to you, but “The Routine” comes pretty close. (If you do not know what “The Routine” is, then you are missing out on a lot)

Painting my friend’s nails

Yesterday, I had the lovely company of two of my close friends and a boyfriend. One of them is going to London (lucky her! Not at all jealous!) so she asked if I would paint her nails before leaving. She wanted something symmetrical (not like the chaos I sometimes have on my nails 😉 ) and she wanted something classy. I suggested a design and she chose the colours.

Polishes used:

Essie – The Perfect Cover Up (dark grey)

L’Oréal – 843 (Gold glitter)

Here is the finished look:

Katrines hånd

The darker colour looks black in this picture, but it is actually a very dark grey. I think this came out looking pretty amazing! I would definitely recreate this sometime on my nails – the colours look so good together! Maybe I’d do it with a dark green and the gold, which we also considered yesterday, but decided that it might look a little to christmas-y.

Have a wonderful trip to London, Katrine!


My package arrived #2

Part two of my package arrived a couple of days ago. I had ordered a pack of what I thought was three nail art brushes, but it turns out that I actually got 6 instead for the same prize – score!

There are three striping brushes and three detail brushes.


Yesterday I got the chance to use a striping brush for the first time as my birthday suddenly became a “Let’s all apply nail polish”-kind of evening. One of my friends had seen something in a magazine and wanted me to recreated. It was a very simple pink base colour with a white stripe down the middle.

Thank you Laura for kindly lending me your hands and this picture 🙂

Celebrating my birthday + Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt. 1

Today my high school friends are coming to visit me! The three of them all live in Aarhus whereas I live in Odense, and two of them haven’t seen where I live yet.

We have a standing agreement that each time a Hunger Games movie comes out, we will go and see it together, and this one is no exception! It premiered on november 19th and we were considering seeing it this weekend, but I was also considering celebrating my birthday (which is november 26th), so instead of meeting up in our hometown and watch the movie, they are coming to me! I am looking very much forward to it as I haven’t seen them for so long! I saw one of them before I went to Tunisia in week 42, but the others I haven’t seen since before the summer. I am so thrilled that they are willing to make the trip to come see me!

Have you seen the movie? What will you be doing this weekend?

Love, Nanna

The previous week

Boy, have I been busy!

Which also explains my silence on the blog. This previous week has been extra busy. Tuesday and thursday evening I was recording a couple of songs with my choir. We were asked to sing three songs for a christmas album – 1 on Tuesday and 2 on thursday. I was a super cool experience! The few of us, who have participated for over 10 years, have already once recorded a song for a CD, but it was so long ago and not nearly as cool as this!


(This picture can also be seen on my instagram profile)20141028_185814


Yesterday we received the audio files for the CD and it turned out to be pretty good! So now were planning our annual christmas concert – and we’re discussing making a CD of our own as well! We have some pretty unique christmas carols from all around the world which would be cool to perpetuate.

Thursday was also the day we visited the company we are going to write an exam about. It was the company I used to work for between the ages of 14-18. For 6 hours we walked around asking people questions and observing. It was tiring, but luckily we got what we came for!

Friday was Halloween and that means party! I didn’t really feel like it, but it ended up being fun – at least the pre-party part. As last time we had a small party at our apartment before we moved on to the original party. When do you learn to just stay at the pre-party? It seems they’re always much more fun. At the pre-party we laughed and talked and played games and at the big party we ended up looking for people we knew and just walking around. We got home pretty early, but my overall memory of the evening is having a nice time.


Dead and Blonde Lorde and Freakshow (photo courtesy of Lisbeth)


Now you might think, I am done

But not yet. Because I didn’t even have time to relax this weekend. Long ago it was planned that this weekend would be a choir weekend. We met up around noon and we sang and ate and talked for two days straight and it was so much fun! It always is! We also made a program for our christmas concert and tried to find a date were everybody could make it – bit of a task.

Having been this busy, I desperately needed to cool down and relax, so monday I decided to take the day off uni and just sleep and do relaxing things, which did me good. Yesterday I had much more energy.

And now today I have to write a paper – lucky me :/

Overall the week was very good – In the future I might try to separate the events over more than just one week, because in the end you barely have any energy left.

How was your week/weekend/Halloween?

Love, Nanna

TGYWF: Thank god yesterday was friday

Yesterday it was friday, and I had originally planned to post something to tell you what I was doing, but I ended up being waaay busier than expected. That is because yesterday there was Årsfest (annual party) at my university! We started out by being 5 people who held a pre-party at my place, where we ate pizza, the guys played a bit of Fifa 15 and we played some SingStar aswell!

Then around 10 pm we decided that it might be time to head out to the university – it had actually started at 7.30, but we were just having so much fun!

The party there was not as good as we had hoped though, and the drinks were pretty expensive – don’t know why I had expected anything else.. Well because we had had much more fun at home than at the party, we ended up actually leaving again less than an hour after we came. We went to Heidi’s Bier Bar and later on my boyfriend and I kept one of our friends company while he waited for his bus (the guys played Fifa, so I didn’t really do much 😉 )

I really wanted to show you pictures of my hair, as it and I for once saw eye to eye, but I completely forgot to take pictures of it 😦 I guess I’ll have to put it up like that again another time and then remember to perpetuate it.

My friday was really awesome, but then my saturday is lazy and I’ve pretty much stayed in bed all day and watched TV 🙂

Here is a picture of us (apart from the girl taking the photo) waiting for the bus to go to uni