China Glaze Haul

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FINALLY my package arrived! I’ve had to wait for it a lot longer than expected, but it was definitely worth it because it was filled with 7 new China Glaze polishes! Actually, these are my first China Glaze polishes ever, so I was very excited to try them out. I’d actually purchased 8, but one of them was out of stock, so I’ll have to wait a little while longer for that.

4 of the polishes are from their neon summer collection Electric Nights. I considered getting all, but sanity kicked in and I just went with my 5 favorite ones (one is the one out of stock) and then I got 3 others who were on sale.

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I’ve been shopping – again

Yesterday, was the day of tax returns. Yesterday, I “accidentally” looked in my local drugstores catalogue. You do the math. I’ve been shopping again.


Nail polish remover // Nail polish // L’Oréal Elvital // Hand Moisturizer

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Shopping haul


Bra // Panties // Gosh Primer // H&M Matte Lipstick // Dove deeply nourishing // Dove fresh

For the first time in so long, I actually allowed myself to buy something when shopping. I’d set myself up for buying EVERYTHING, but I’m actually a little disappointed that I found so little I actually wanted to buy.

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