February Bullet Journal Setup

As you may know, I started bullet journaling in January,┬ábut I posted it a little bit late, so it’s actually the newest post before this one….

Anyways, anyone else feeling the winter blues? I know I am, so my February theme and setup is all about bringing some brightness and happiness back into my life.

The theme is citrus fruits, and my accent color is orange, so there are more oranges than other fruits.

Title Page


Last month, I had a grid style calender, but I felt it took up too much space considering how little events I have in a month. So this month, I am trying out a vertical layout instead, and so far I am really liking it! There is still room to write two or three events, birthdays, tasks etc., so I’m really liking that.

My to do list grew a bit since I filled it all out in January, and I added a table for review copies. I am lucky enough to be reviewing books regularly, so to get an overview over the books and their deadlines, I am putting them in here. That way I can see when they’re due, what my progess is on them (read, reviewed, done) etc.

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2018 and January Bullet Journal Setup

Since October 2017, I have scoured the internet for Bullet Journal setup pictures and videos, because I think they are SO cool.

So if you don’t know, bullet journaling is a type of journaling that takes you back to the old days of paper calenders. The difference is that you take an empty notebook and draw in your own modules.

If you want to know more about bullet journaling at its core, check out this page made by the founding father of the bullet journaling trend.

I jumped on the band wagon when we entered the new year. The journal I’m using is a dotted A5 journal from Leuchtterm.

2018 Title Page

My first spreads in the journal are a yearly overview where I have each month listed and I can put in any events that I have scheduled for a later date which I haven’t created spreads for yet (since you do the spreads one month at a time).


My January theme is green, and I kept it simple with the design since I am new to bullet journaling and found it all a little scary, to be honest. I also didn’t do too many spreads since I didn’t know what I would need yet, or if I could keep up with doing it.

But that’s the good thing about this – if you love something, you do it again, and if you don’t you leave it out next month.


I have a monthly overview with a grid-type calender and a to do list.


I have a mood and weather tracker with two squares for each day. The moods are color coded, and each day I have colored in a square according to my moods of the day. (Spoiler alert: I changed this for February, but stay tuned for that post)


My media spreads with books I’ve read in January and my ‘song of the day’ page. I’ve written down a song each day that I’m liking recently, and I think it’s going to be so much fun to look back on this list later on and see which songs were all the rage in January 2018.

This picture was taken halfway through the month when I had filled in the pages, whereas the others where taken just after I had created them, which is why the others look sort of empty..

January is almost over, and after a month of bullet journaling, I am really liking it! Maybe more the process of creating the spreads than keeping up with them, but I’ve had my hands on it every day for the entire month.

Maybe I’ll add more spreads like weekly overviews or something like that at a later point, but I don’t really have a use for them at the moment, so I’m just keeping it simple.

Q&A a day – a different way of journaling

I have never really kept a journal except for about a week when I was very young, and even then I didn’t really do it properly. I always had this idea in my head about what you should write in a journal, and my life never really lived up to that. I didn’t suffer the big heartaches or crushes that deserved page after page in a book, which the protagonist always seemed to write about in American movies – and we all know American teen movies accurately depict reality. At least I didn’t at the time when I kept a journal, and once I started having journal-worthy experiences (which I now know have a much broader range than love), I never really knew how to write about it.

However, on 16 February 2017 I started writing a journal, and I can pinpoint the exact date because of this book. Continue reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring…

… “look” being the key word.

My first actual plant
My first actual plant

Today, we got a sneak peek of the sun and the spring to come. But it’s just not the same when you still have to put on ten layers of clothes, huge scarfs and woollen socks. But for some reason, I still really like this time of year. You are so hungry for the sun after a dark winter and the cold gets just a little easier to manage when you feel the warmth of the sun.

I’m celebrating the beginning of spring (at least calender-wise) by getting my first ever real plant, not those bamboo sticks that you need to water every 3rd month, not fake flowers, but actual greenery.

On sunday my father and boyfriend got so annoyed with me saying for forever how I really wanted a plant, but we’ve never really had the space for it before, so when in IKEA they got me this plant! I’m not sure which kind it is, but I love it! And today it got a little taste of the sun.

How are you spending the first few days of spring?


A day in the life #3

1. The semester has started now. It is really hard getting used to concentrating for so long again.

2. We spent 75 kr on fruit yesterday. It’s not the worst thing to spend on, but man it was a lot of money just on fruit! I would include a photo of it, but I already ate most of it…..

3. In relation to googling the Kardashians in post #2, I just watched this video from Buzzfeed just to see if I knew the facts. I knew about half and that frightens me a bit.

4. It’s really nice having a normal┬álife again where weekends mean something and is not just like all the other days. I don’t like to admit it, but I’ve actually missed school..

5. I’ve bought the last nail polishes of this month! I wasn’t going to, but I’ve really wanted to try out Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polishes and Matas had a 3 for 2 sale so I could get TWO colours, Mad Women and Combusteable. I’m very excited to try it as the reviewers online have very different experiences with them. Swatches and reviews will come later when I’ve had a chance to try them out.

6. I’m looking forward to when the new season of Paradise Hotel starts. It’s my secret sin, it is just so nice to unwind and not think about all of your duties and feel smart for an hour.

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