What is in my makeup bag?

I have a lot of different eyeliners as they are the main part of my daily makeup look. My favorite one changes now and then, right now I really like the Maxfactor Masterpiece Glide and Define when I want to create a winged eyeliner, which is much easier with a ‘marker’ eyeliner. But my go-to eyeliner is the one from The Body Shop, it is quick and easy to apply.

I don’t really use eye shadow that much anymore, but since I only bring this makeup bag when I go everywhere I like to have a set of neutral eye shadows in there. I have many more eye shadows stored somewhere else, but I like these because you can make pretty much any look work with these.

I don’t use any foundation or powder because I am very fortunate to not really need it except in rare periods, but I sometimes feel the need to cover up the bags under my eyes and I find that the Maxfactor Mastertouch does the trick.

Having a bright red lip is very trendy right now and I really like the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 kisses line. They apply nicely, lasts for a long time and it feels very natural on the lip and not sticky like a lip gloss usually does. I only have the one colour, but I would definitely like to have more!

That is what is in my makeup bag at the moment! What is in yours?

Love, Nanna