Gradient French Tip Snowflakes

Gradient french tips are a classic for me every year for christmas. Usually I do the snow falling with a white hex glitter polish, but this time I’ve done really big snowflakes with water decals.

Gradient French Tip Snowflakes 1

I LOVE how this looks! I’ll have to stock up on these water decals so I can use them every year.

Gradient French Tip Snowflakes 2

Polishes used:

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Black and Gold Bells

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Today’s mani seems really far away from what I normally do, with the big gold studs, but they were sitting in my drawer, and they really spoke out to me today, so I had to include them.

Black and Gold Bells 1

I normally only do a design once per season (or ever), but I’m feeling that I’ll be using the bells image from the stamping plate again this season…

Black and Gold Bells 2

Polishes used:

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Holographic Snowflakes

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December is upon us. I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it has gotten COLD! It hasn’t snowed yet, but it feels like it could start any minute now.

I’m trying to turn any negativity towards to cold in to something positive, so I’m ‘celebrating’ the cold with some holo snowflakes.

These snowflakes come from a roll of nail foil, and it took some improvisation to get it to look like this, because the snowflakes are placed on a black background, and I just wanted the green glitter underneath, so I had to fill in the black parts by hand afterwards, but the result is pretty amazing!

Holo snowflakes 2Holo snowflakes 1

Products used:

Matte Owl Nails

For today’s mani, I figured it was time for something cute and different than my usual style – matte nudes and a tiny owl. I used the very last of my matte top coat for this, so now I really have to get a new one!

Polishes used:

  • OPI – OPI Scores a Goal
  • Color Club – Blushing Rose
  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Yellow Striper
  • H&M – Black
  • OPI – Matte Top Coat

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Gold French Tip Nails

Simple, french tip manicures are what I like to call palate cleansers. They are such a great stop between two bold manicures where you want to relax your eyes a little bit while not leaving them completely bare.

I don’t wear gel polishes often because of the removal process (yikes!), but sometimes I don’t want to deal with chipped manis.

I’ve had the Le Mini Macaron system for a while now, and while I’ve tried other brands, this is the best system I’ve tried. I especially like how the lamp only fits one finger at a time. When I paint my nails, I do the thumb first and then I do them from the pinky to my pointer, so I can cure one nail while painting the next so I don’t feel like I have any waiting time while all my nails cure. (Which order do you guys paint your nails in?) Also, with this system, you have base coat, color, and top coat all in one polish, so it is super quick. The removal is also easier when you don’t have as many layers on the nail.

Anyway, rant over – these are the nails.

Gold french tips 1Gold french tips 2

Polishes used:

  • Le Mini Macaron – Meringue
  • Le Mini Macaron – Gold Glitter

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Jack-o-Lantern Nails

Ever since I got the new shade by Picture Polish called ‘Foxy‘, I have more or less worn it non-stop, because this is probably the most fall appropriate shade I have ever owned. I love it!

The mani was kind of on its last leg, so I decided to refurbish it into this pumpkin jack-o-lantern mani – the first one for me ever. It’s all hand-painted, and without tooting my own horn (too much), I think these turned out super cool!


They are super cool for halloween if you’re not into scary manis.

Polishes used:

  • Picture Polish – Foxy
  • Essie – Licorice
  • Sally Hansen – Tahitian Sunset
  • Technic – Vert

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Bloody and bruised nails

Do you guys remember day 20 in the 31 day nail polish challenge (the watermarble prompt) where I told you that I had a water spotting attempt that looked like bruises and blood that I didn’t want to use for the challenge?

I saved that attempt to show you as an abstract halloween design instead. I think it looks just gross enough to pass for a gory halloween look – what do you think?


Bruises and blood 3Bruises and blood 2

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Cocktails & Coconuts
  • Essie – Hide & Go Chic
  • Essie – With the Band

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Review: Stamping guide template

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I am in no way a stamping expert, but I try to improve all the time and do nicer and nicer things with stamping. I was given the opportunity to review a cool ‘gadget’ that takes stamping to the next level.

This stamping guide template from Born Pretty Store allows you to only pick up parts of an image to create cool effects. It comes in four different versions. The one I got looks like this:

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 1

You place it on top of your stamping plate after you have scraped the excess polish off. Continue reading

Blue Leaves and Glitter

These nails were my first attempt at blue nails for 31DC2017, but I scrapped them because they weren’t completely to my liking. However, I still wanted to show them to you, because they actually took quite a while to do ūüėÄ


Polishes used:

  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • Color Club – Take me to your chateau
  • Vivien Konder – Blue
  • W7 – Crushed Pineapple
  • Color Club – Beyond the Mistletoe

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31DC2017: Wrap Up

With this post, I conclude this years 31 day nail polish challenge! I always feel a little bit proud of myself when I finish it, because it really is A LOT of work, and especially towards the end, you just want to be done with it. I think there are some good manicures here – overall, I think I was more pleased with last year’s challenge, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Here you can see all of the 31 manicures – if you want to take a closer look at one of them, the headings are links to the original posts. I will talk about my personal favorites in the bottom of this post.

Day 1 РRed                                Day 2 РOrange                               Day 3 РYellow


Day 4 РGreen                                Day 5 РBlue                                  Day 6 РViolet


Day 7 РBlack & White                      Day 8 РMetallic                             Day 9 РRainbow


Day 10 РGradient                     Day 11 РPolka Dots                       Day 12 РStripes


Day 13 РAnimal Print                    Day 14 РFlowers                     Day 15 РDelicate Print


Day 16 РGeometric                        Day 17 РGlitter                        Day 18 РHalf Moons


Day 19 РGalaxies                            Day 20 РWater Marble             Day 21 РInspired by a color


Day 22 РInspired by a song      Day 23 РInspired by a movie      Day 24 РInspired by a book


Day 25 РInspired by fashion  Day 26 РInspired by pattern  Day 27 РInspired by artwork


Day 28 РInspired by a flag                             Day 29 РInspired by the supernatural


Day 30 РInspired by a tutorial                               Day 31 РHonor nails you love


My favorites are:

What are your favorites?

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