November Favorites

November has come to a close and december is about to begin. Both a time of joy but also a time of stress for the students such as myself. I wanted to create a post about some of the things that I have really been loving in the month of November – this is a beauty edition.

1. I recently re-discovered two of my Essie nail polishes – ‘Leading Lady’ and ‘Muchi, Muchi’. Leading Lady is very fitting for the winter/christmas months and Muchi, Muchi is just a classic. Although very new, I also love Sally Hansen’s ‘Rule of Plum

‘. favorites

2. All things Sally Hansen. Oh. My. God. It’s a good brand! Their nail polishes are so beautiful and I got a chance to try their top and base coat and I am in love. Especially the top coat blew my mind away. When they call it ‘fast-dry’ they really mean it! It’s basically the only brand I buy at the moment.

3. Gosh Liquid Eyeliner. After my holiday I stopped using eyeliner for a while because I had a tan, but I just started using this again.


4. TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. I got this when I got permanent curls and now it’s almost empty. It’s a great hair wax for longer hair because it is more liquid-y and easier to apply all over long hair.


5. TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray. This is a really good hair spray and for once it actually smells well too instead of choking you 🙂


6. I still love the Nivea In-shower Body Lotion. You can read my opinions about it here.


7. My new O.P.I Matte Top coat that I got yesterday – yes, yesterday was still november 😉 I got it as a gift and I went home and tried it out immediately and I love the look it gives.


Sale in Matas – Again

Oh, no! Another sale!

Yesterday my local Matas had an inventory sale again. I went with my friend again, but this time I was able to control myself a little bit more. A little. Matas has a point-system where you get a certain amount of points per amount of money spent, and my friend reminded me beforehand that I could use some of those points to get a gift certificate for 100 kr. More money to spend!

For my hair I got this:


On the left we have some Argan Oil – Leave in hair cure. I recently got a hair cut and I’m going to try to keep it soft and healthy for as long as possible. On the right is some heat protection spray.

For the skin I got:


On the left is a moisture mask for the face. The cold weather has really started to take a toll on my face and since I HATE applying lotion, this might be a good option instead because you only have to apply the mask once or twice a week.

In the middle is some more og the Nivea In-shower Body Milk. I’ve almost used up my last bottle already! This time I got the one for dry skin instead of normal skin, again because of the cold weather.

On the right is Nivea refreshing cleansing milk, I use this for removing make-up and I was almost out despite the fact that a bottle lasts close to forever.

As far as nail polishes go I got:


Another Sally Hansen complete salon manicure – this one in the colour ‘Rule of Plum’.

I can also cross off one of the colours on my wish list – Essie in the colour ‘Watermelon’.

And finally I got a very delicate yellow from L’Oreal in the colour ‘Lemon Meringue’

More for the nails:


More Sally Hansen! Considering how my Sally Hansen collection was at zero before Wednesday and is now at 6, I’ll say it has grown pretty quickly! I’ve heard so much good about Sally Hansen and with the sale on the brand these last couple of days I finally decided to try them out!

On the left is their Miracle Nail Thickener. I know I already have the L’Oreal one, but to be honest I have my doubts about that one working. Don’t know why, but I might be proven wrong.

In the middle is their Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat.

And on the left is their Smooth & Strong Base Coat.

I am almost out of my Essie – All in One top and base coat and I was going to get another one of those, but then I read somewhere online that it’s actually better to have those separated as they have different functions so with some of my birthday money I decided to splurge on these and see if the internet has it right 🙂

That was all for this time! I know it may seem like a lot, but apart from last time I think I only got the ‘necessities’ this time 🙂

Love, Nanna

Nivea In-shower Body Lotion


I had a chance to try out the Nivea In-shower Body Lotion that I talked about in previously. I so badly want to say that it did not work as I was really, really sceptical. I did NOT believe that this would do as much as it promised, but I guess I’m gonna have to eat my words.

This works!

And – it works well! I was in a bit of a hurry and because I doubted its ability I only dabbed on a little bit here and there and didn’t really think too much about coverage over all. After I got out of the shower I dried up with a towel, and afterwards I could really tell a difference! My skin was nice and soft and not at all sticky and greasy as it can get when you apply lotion. It was also much easier and faster than applying lotion, which is a major plus when you’re not a big fan of mornings.

Big thumbs up – I’d definitely buy this again!