Two OPI polishes: Swatches and thoughts

A couple of days ago I bought what is actually only my 2nd and 3rd OPI polish ever! Many years ago my friend Nina gave me one, and I’ve eyed their polishes many times, but I’ve always been too cheap when brands like Essie and Sally Hansen had just as gorgeous polishes for a lower prize. I found these two in a store called ‘Normal’ which has everything you’d need from laundry detergent to beauty products, but usually at half the prize. Naturally, their selection isn’t the biggest, but sometimes you strike gold like I did with these two polishes.

OPI Serious Sparkle

OPI Serious Sparkle
OPI Serious Sparkle

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Glossy stripes on matte

I’ve been wanting to do a manicure that was matte, but not just all matte. I saw a picture on pinterest where the nails were painted all matte grey, and I really liked the look of that. But since I’ve been ill for a week and going on, I haven’t done much with my nails, leaving them bare or with just a simple, light color. IMG_13051 IMG_13141

It’s funny how my left hand is much more used to posing than my right hand lol.


Essie – Help me grow (base coat)

Essie – the perfect cover up (grey)

Seche Vite (top coat)

OPI – matte top coat

Striping tape