One Coat Wonders

Some nail polishes are very pretty, and some are very pretty AND opaque in one coat. I love when you stumble upon one of these polishes, because it makes it much easier to apply and dries much faster. I want to show you a part of my collection and I’ve chosen 6 polishes in my collection that I would call One Coat Wonders.

1. Essie – Mezmerised. This is completely opaque in one coat and the formula is great. Essie Mezmerised

2. Sephora – No. 46 Dangerous. This is actually something in between a one and a two coater. If you put on two coats it does become more opaque, but that covers up some of the beautiful shimmer, so I usually only apply a (very neat) single coat.

Sephora 46 Dangerous

3. Essie – The Perfect Cover Up. This is totally opaque in one coat and like the other Essie colour, it has a great formula that makes applying easy.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up

4. Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum. This is similar to the Sephora polish as one coat shows the most beautiful shine whereas two coats covers it unless in direct sunlight. So for me it is a one coater, but you have to be careful when applying, which might mean that other people would want another coat.

SH Rule of Plum

5. Essie – Watermelon. It looks a little more red in these pictures, but as you can see here and here, it is much more pink in real life.

Essie Watermelon

6. Maybelline Color Show – Nearly Black. Because this is a textured polish it covers up the imperfections it might have on the first coat and therefore it is only necessary with one.

Maybelline Nearly Black


31 day nail polish challenge: Day 1: Red Nails


As previously mentioned, I have started the 31 day nail polish challenge, and this post marks the beginning of it!

For day number 1, you are supposed to paint your nails red, an easy task. Although my nail polish collection consists of a LOT of red nail polishes (they’re a classic, what can you do?) it was VERY easy for me to pick the specific red colour I wanted on my nails today!

The choice fell on Sephoras Color Hit Nail Polish in colour No. 46 Dangerous.


I absolutely adore this colour and I must say, that it is my all-time favorite to wear at the moment!

Although it is not as light as the red on mailboxes (mailboxes are red here in Denmark, I don’t know which colour they are where you come from 😉 ), I still think it is a very bright and beautiful red. I especially like how it looks to be a solid red at first glance, but once the light falls on your nail it has a very pretty glitter to it.


Also the consistency of it is amazing! Shown in the pictures are only ONE coat – it is super opaque, which is a major plus when you don’t have that much time for your nail polish to dry. It dries a lot faster with just one coat than with several coats.

UNFORTUNATELY, you can only buy the Sephora collections in two stores in Denmark (I know!?) and they are BOTH located in Copenhagen, which is a bit of a commute for me. AND the Sephora website doesn’t ship out to my country 😦 😦 😦 Luckily my brother lives there, and I am definitely stopping by them the next time I visit him!

Stay tuned for more nail challenge posts!