Strolling down memory lane

Wednesday, I woke up, and I did not feel like going to class – at all! So my boyfriend and I convinced each other to stay home that day (he and I go to uni together). It was a wonderful morning! We relaxed and laughed and hyggede (“hygge” is a Danish word that means something along the lines of cozy, but “cozy” doesn’t quite give you the same feeling as “hygge”, so I’m going to leave the Danish word and refer you to this link to a Wikipedia page). I decided that it had been some time since I’d visited my mum. She’s visited me quite frequently, but I think I’ve visited her once since christmas. On my way to my mum’s, I went to choir practice, because I miss it so badly! I’ve tried to find choirs where I live now, but none of them are as good and it would be like going 30 steps backwards.

Anyways, my mum is redecorating most of her house in the hopes of it being easier to sell, which I hadn’t seen yet. She had also uncovered some of my old things that she wanted me to sort through. What a stroll down memory lane! Old notes from high school, movie tickets, pictures. It was so much fun to look at again, but hard to sort – it feels like throwing parts of your childhood away. And it takes forever! I don’t think I even made it halfway through before I was too tired and had to go to bed.

Yesterday, we had to wait for the delivery of her new hardwood floors, which came around noon. Hereafter we drove to the border (Denmark-Germany border that is). Everything is much cheaper on the German side of the border and since it is only an hour’s drive away, we make that trip every once in a while.

Lots of candy and chocolate now stacked away in a drawer so it won’t tempt us too much. One of the big containers is practically empty – remaining from the last trip.
Some easy-to-make pasta dishes, Pålægschokoloade (Thin slices of chocolate used as topping for breakfast) and finally some toothpaste to ensure that our teeth are clean after consuming way too much candy
Usually we get Coca-Cola, but we wanted 7up, and since there is an offer of three cases, we had to get the coke that matches. And some Nestea peach for me!
Oops - nail polish on sale...
Oops – nail polish on sale…

On our way home (my mum drove me all the way home) we stopped to get something to eat.

When I got home, my boyfriend told me that he had a surprise for me to make it up to me that he hadn’t wanted to go with me to Vejle. Turns out it was these two lovely flowers!

IMG_1261I may have gotten into the real-plant-game a little late, but I sure am catching up fast!

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring…

… “look” being the key word.

My first actual plant
My first actual plant

Today, we got a sneak peek of the sun and the spring to come. But it’s just not the same when you still have to put on ten layers of clothes, huge scarfs and woollen socks. But for some reason, I still really like this time of year. You are so hungry for the sun after a dark winter and the cold gets just a little easier to manage when you feel the warmth of the sun.

I’m celebrating the beginning of spring (at least calender-wise) by getting my first ever real plant, not those bamboo sticks that you need to water every 3rd month, not fake flowers, but actual greenery.

On sunday my father and boyfriend got so annoyed with me saying for forever how I really wanted a plant, but we’ve never really had the space for it before, so when in IKEA they got me this plant! I’m not sure which kind it is, but I love it! And today it got a little taste of the sun.

How are you spending the first few days of spring?