Essie Fall 2015 + Winter 2015 + 2 Lux effects | Swatches and review

Products received as a gift

Picture-heavy post

fall + winter collectionI was lucky enough to win a christmas giveaway on the blog Spinthebeauty. I won 14 Essie nail polishes! I won the entire fall and winter collection from 2015 plus two polishes from the new(er) lux effects collection. Thank you so much, Maria and Essie Denmark!

I got them in these awesome collector’s boxes that are super cute, and honestly, if they sold the polishes in these boxes out in the stores, I’d probably be buying full collections more often!

Now, I know the collections are not new, but they are still available lots of places, so I thought I’d show you swatches and provide you with my review in case you were still interested in picking some of these up. Continue reading

My 10 most used polishes

When you have as many polishes as I do (about 90 at the moment) it is impossible to wear them all equally much! Here is a list of the 10 polishes I’ve used the most

Essie – Fiji

3 coats

This is a very, very light pink that’s almost white. I’ve been using this as a makeshift white because I only just recently got an actual white polish and I this wasn’t as pink as I’d had hoped when I bought, so to get some use out of it I held off buying an actual white. After swatching this, I must admit that it has grown on me and I just might consider wearing it on its own.. Continue reading

Two OPI polishes: Swatches and thoughts

A couple of days ago I bought what is actually only my 2nd and 3rd OPI polish ever! Many years ago my friend Nina gave me one, and I’ve eyed their polishes many times, but I’ve always been too cheap when brands like Essie and Sally Hansen had just as gorgeous polishes for a lower prize. I found these two in a store called ‘Normal’ which has everything you’d need from laundry detergent to beauty products, but usually at half the prize. Naturally, their selection isn’t the biggest, but sometimes you strike gold like I did with these two polishes.

OPI Serious Sparkle

OPI Serious Sparkle
OPI Serious Sparkle

Continue reading

Sally Hansen – Luxe Lace in Eyelet swatch and review

Okay, so it took like 2 seconds for me to crack.. The day after I wrote the post about my wish list I went out and bought one of the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace polishes (the same day I bought Sally Hansen’s Color Frenzy).. tsk tsk tsk… To justify it a bit I was already shopping and I thought this was on sale because it was in between nail polishes with 50 % off.. Nope, just a misplacement.. Which I found out after I paid because I bought some Body Oil as well.. Oh well, I’d already bought it then…

I got the white one even though I’d rather have the one with blue in it as well, but I couldn’t find that..

Here I put it over Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black.
sally hansen eyelet

Here I put it over Essie – Cocktails and coconuts

sally hansen eyelet1

Brand: Sally Hansen

Colour: Luxe Lace in the colour Eyelet

Price: 89,95 DKK ($15 / £10)

Review; The glitter payoff was really good! Since the Color Frenzy disappointment my expectations were pretty low, which they needn’t have been! You don’t have to leave the bottle upside-down beforehand, every time you dunk the brush in the bottle a lot of glitter follows. You really only need one coat to get a great coverage. I does remind me a bit of Maybelline’s Color Show: White Splatter except for the colour which doesn’t make this one so unique as I might have hoped, but then again, I also really liked the White Splatter one, so I don’t mind that they are pretty similar.

Repurchase: Most definitely! I hope this collection actually comes on sale some time soon so I can get the remaining three polishes in the collection!

Over and out, Nanna

Maybelline Color Show: White Splatter swatch

I’ve actually been eyeing this polish a couple of times so I was pretty happy when I got it for christmas. The polish is a part of their street art(ist) collection.

white splatter swatch

I put in on top of Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black from yesterday and I was very pleasently surprised! I’m not normally into the effect-top coat-thing, but this has me second-guessing that! I looks pretty space-y and it reminds me of grafitti. I’m definitely going to try out the rest of the Street Artist collection after seeing this!

What do you think?

Love, Nanna

Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black swatch

YAY, Nail polish for christmas!

Which means I will be showing you some of the nail polishes I got. The first one I want to show you is another Sally Hansen. It is called Pat on the Black, and it is a very dark, rich purple.

One coat:

pat on the black 2

Two coats:

pat on the black 1

I feel like it could have used a third coat to smooth out the colour completely, but I fear it would be too dark.

With two coats the polish almost looks like black, which I guess inspired the name, but I kinda wish the first coat would be opaque enough because I think that could have been really pretty! With two coats it is very dark, but when light hits it it becomes lighter and it is actually quite pretty!

What do you think?

Love, Nanna

Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum swatch


Today I have a choir concert coming up, so I wanted to paint my nails, but as I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to do anything fancy. So instead I’m showing you one of the polishes I got for my birthday, the Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum.

This polish could easily be a one coat polish as you’ll see here:

1 coat 2

1 coat

However, the polish shows some imperfections and it becomes much more radiant with two coats:

2 coat

2 coat 2

I really love the brush that these polishes come with! I like the size and the shape and they’re very easy to use. And this colour is just beautiful.

Love, Nanna