31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: Day 22: Inspired by a song

I actually had something else planned for this day. But then time passed, and I didn’t complete the challenge as quickly as anticipated – I got better at painting my nails and getting ideas, so the challenge fell into the background a bit. And now it is february! Which means Valentine’s Day, if you’re celebrating that. I actually don’t but I suspect a lot of my readers do, so when I thought of this song and the nail art to go with it, I thought it was quite fitting for the season.

The song that inspired me was:

You all know I love the Beatles! Anyway, the song is about love and about sending it to someone. Here is the nail art I came up with:

I apologise for the yellow paint on my fingers - I've been painting.
Please excuse the yellow paint on my fingers – I’ve been painting.

Polishes used:

Depend – 136 (Pearly background)

Essie – Bordeaux (Dark red)

L’Oréal Paris – 210 (Pink)

Essie – Muchi, Muchi (light pink)

Essie – Fiji (very light pink)

L’Oréal Paris – 702 (Black)

No. 2: And Your Bird Can Sing (Anthology verison) – The Beatles

This song cracks me up! I first saw the Anthology series about 4 years ago and this song still makes me smile whenever it comes on.

As the people who know me know, I am a HUGE Beatles fan! So you’ll probably see a lot of Beatles songs on here :p

At first I didn’t think too much of the anthology songs – I like the originals more. Looking back I see what a big mistake it was to skip the anthology tracks! They reveal so much vulnerability and sincerity and it makes you feel like you’re closer to the guys.

Even if you don’t like the Beatles you should give this track a listen – I’m almost positively sure that it will at least bring a smile to you face.

Love, Nanna