Bingeable + song of the day no. 9

Unbreakable! They’re alive. Dammit! It’s a miracle!

This line has been stuck in my head for  a week now! I can’t really put my finger on WHY, but I really, really love this intro song! It has me tapping the foot and rocking to the song for hours after turning off the TV.

The song is from the Netflix-series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Kimmy has escaped from an apocalypse cult and has moved to New York City where she must try to navigate a world she has been absent from for 15 years.

The series is full of heartwarming naivety and humor while it tackles some problems that everyone has had or can relate to. Kimmy is a sweet person that you can relate to and that makes the show easier to watch. I will admit that the characters are at times too caricatured, but sometimes it’s nice to watch a show that doesn’t always try to be realistic and serious. If you’re on Netflix, you should definitely check out this show, I can highly recommend it and I look much forward to the next season!

I’m obsessed!


A few months ago my boyfriend and I started watching the TV-series, Bones. I’ve never actually seen it before, I’ve always been a fan of NCIS (the original one) and I always thought Bones was a bad knock-off of that show. But my boyfriend has seen some episodes here and there throughout the years and told me it was good, so I had to try. We decided to start from the very beginning and really get to know the characters. Now we have just started season 7, and OH. My God I’m addicted! It is so good! It’s not the cases that appeal to me, except for a few, but the characters. There is one for every taste and you can identify with them at different times in your life. My favorite characters have changes as I’ve moved along in the series, but here in season 7 I must say that right now my favorites are Brennan, Hodgins and Booth. Bones4_4LBut can I just say how disappointed I was after season 6? We have waited since the beginning, we’ve seen Booth and Brennan fall in love and waited for the moment when they both realized and started dating. And then they know and don’t do anything about and we cry (yes, I’m that kind of viewer). Then they actually get together and then they just skip ahead 5 months??? What is that about?? I wanted to see how the other persons reacted to the news of their pregnancy etc. Was this what we were waiting for?? Now I’m up to the part where Christine is born and it has gotten a little better again, but the first 9 or 10 episodes of this season were a little tough to get through because the cases were not too exciting and, truthfully, I was mad. From now on neither my boyfriend knows what happens, so I’m excited to see how the story develops further on. What do you know, before realizing we will actually have caught up and will have to wait for new episodes to air. DREAD!

Have you seen it? What do you think of the series? NO SPOILERS, PLEASE 😉

Things to do this weekend

1. Get a head start on the Christmas shopping
It’s always nice not having to stress about it at the last minute. But be careful – being this early might mean that’s it’s easier to find gifts for yourself. NO, wallet – stay inside the purse, I don’t need all of that stuff with my birthday and Christmas coming up.

2. Watch your favorite TV show
I’m currently watching Bones with my boyfriend and Pretty Little Liars on my own. That’s how I’ll spend most of my weekend 😉

3. Put on clean bedsheets.
There’s nothing better than sliding under freshly washed and tumbled bedsheets, is there?

4. Put on a face mask and reshape your eyebrows, shave your legs etc.
Doing all of the beauty things you don’t always have time for doing the week.

5. Read a book just for fun
If you’re a student you know the feeling of always reading something relevant for school – this weekend (or at least some of it) take out the book that has stood unopened on your shelf for far too long.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Nanna