Recreation: October 2015

I didn’t do a recreation post for the month of September – it didn’t really make sense since last September (and most of this September) was dedicated to the 31 day nail polish challenge. BUT, I am back at it again this month.

Much like this year, October of last year was kind of a break-month for me. After having done 31 consecutive days of nail art, I needed a break. Because of that, there was not a lot of nail art from that month to recreate, but I did find this mani.

This mani wasn’t too bad, I just think it looks a little messy, so I wanted to try again with some cleaner lines.

October 2015

Original post can be seen here.


Grøn zig-zag 2 Grøn zig-zag 1

October 2016

oktober-2015-2 oktober-2015-1

Apart from the fact that my style of photography has changed, I think this was definitely an improvement! Much neater.


Polishes used:

  • Essie – Ballet Slippers
  • Rimmel – Bewitch
  • Sally Hansen – Glass Slipper
  • OPI Matte Top Coat

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