20 Blog post ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas of what to write. I had that problem before I found a list of ideas, which helped me very much, so I’ve created my own list for you to see! Some of these I thought of myself and some of them I’ve seen elsewhere. The ideas I didn’t create myself I don’t really remember where I found, so I can’t give the proper credit, but some of the ideas are pretty mainstream and can be seen in many places. Here we go:

  1. A tutorial (beauty, DIY, etc.)
  2. Products you’ve both more than once
  3. Products you regret buying
  4. Top 10 nail polishes
  5. A beauty wish list (nail polish, makeup etc.)
  6. A shopping haul
  7. Your morning/evening routine
  8. What’s in your makeup bag?
  9. Empties (products that are so good you used the last drop)
  10. Review of a product you’ve recently tried
  11. Helpful beauty tips (how you shape your eyebrows, paint your nails, apply eyeliner etc.)
  12. Compare two products that are similar and choose your favorite (could be similar in colour but not price)
  13. A contest/giveaway
  14. A recipe of something you love to eat/make
  15. A tag-post for example like the one I did here
  16. A personal story
  17. A review of a book
  18. A review of a movie
  19. Write a post about you resolutions for the new year
  20. Give a shout out to some blogs you like to read!

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