My participation in Dewey’s 24h readathon

This time around, I will participate in Dewey’s 24h readathon, which is basically a worldwide event where you read for 24 hours or as long as you are able to participate and there are cheerleaders and prizes and all sorts of nonsense. The starting time is syncronised to the world’s timezones so everyone starts and ends at the same time. We are still 3 hours away from kick-off, so there is still time for a late sign-up if you are interested! You can check out their website here and the starting times where YOU live here.

This will be my first time participating, so it’s gonna be very exciting to see how I manage those 24 hours. If you’re interested in following my experience in real-time, be sure to check back to this post which I will be updating throughout the 24 hours.

I am also going to be tweeting throughout the readathon, so if you prefer to follow me there, here is a direct link to my twitter-account (@Nasaje93). If I remember, I will also update my facebook page, which you can find here. I’ll probably also be present on goodreads. Wheesh, will I even have time to read with all of these social media updates? 😉

If you’re participating yourself, I’d love a link to your blog, twitter, facebook etc. so I can check that out!

13.12: Just arrived at my friend’s house where I’ll be spending (most of) the next 24 hours. We’ll prepare the snacks soon so we’ll be totally ready for kick-off in 48 minutes.

13.43: I’m trying to decide what to read first – I think I’ve settled on Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess. Something easy to kick me off.

14.00: And we’re off! Happy reading to all of those participating – I’ll check back in later.

14.44: First mini-break. We all kind of simultaneously moved, grabbed food and looked up so we started talking a little..

15.28: Wow, time flies by. Just reached the end of a chapter and thought I’d check out the readathon website and see if they have any good challenges or competitions.

15.48: Alright, time to get back to business.

17.24: I’ve put down the book and I’m not sure I’m gonna be picking it up again before I have to leave for dinner with my family. I have to leave in 20 minutes or so, and I think I’m just going to spend that time resting my eyes so I can show at least a little bit of energy when I meet with them. I’m going to be away from my book and the readathon for at least a couple of hours, but I hope I won’t lose you in the meantime – I’ll be back, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said.

21.06: I’m back from dinner and ready to dive back in to reading. I’ve hopped in to the comfiest of comfy clothes and ready to (try to) stay awake the whole night.

22.51: Tiredness is slowly creeping up on me – I’m not going to give up easily, but I can clearly tell that this is usually around the time I go to bed. Let’s hope it’s just a slump I have to get over..

02.13: 415 pages turned and I’ve finished The Undomestic Goddess. Now the question is: sleep or start a new book?

02.35: I’m going to dive in to The Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and see how far I get before surrendering to sleep.

03.22: Although I love Harry Potter, I’ve reached the point where I need to sleep. I’m not tired per se, but the letters jump around the pages now and I can’t focus anymore. Time to get some sleep and rest my eyes.

08.18: I’m awake and after I make myself some tea or something, I’m getting back at it. I’m tired and my eyes kind of hurt, but I look forward to jumping back in to the Wizarding World.

10.00: I’ve turned 92 pages in Harry Potter, and I’m about to head home. I plan on finishing Harry Potter, but I’m not sure I will be reading non-stop for the last four hours. I’m not done reading for the day, but I think my readathon experience is over for now. All in all, I’ve turned 507 pages so far and while it is not as much as I’d hoped, I still think it’s alright.

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