DIY Desk Make-Over

Picture-heavy post

Hey guys – I hope you all had a wonderful christmas – I’ve been away from the blog, not because I didn’t want to blog, but because I simply haven’t had time.

These last two days, my project has been our desk. It sits in our bedroom, so we rarely use it, and usually it looks all messy.


This is also where I do my nail art when it’s tidy (which is almost never) and if you look closer, you can see that I haven’t been particularly careful…


I got some gift cards for christmas that I decided was going to go towards a DIY make-over project of the desk area. I figured, it would probably be a nicer area to be in, if it also looked nice.

We bought some self-adhesive foil aka cheat-marble and put that on the desk.


Here is the finished look!


I put on a protective plastic cover to do my nail art on – otherwise it will just end up looking like the old desk again in no time – this way I can be as messy as I want and just throw the cover out when it gets too dirty.


I painted some glass vases and some acrylic containers in black and grey to keep all of my nail art supplies in.


One glass holds all of my nail art brushes and dotting tools, while the other one holds hand lotions. I put all of my striping tape rolls in a regular tape holder to make it easier to use.


One container holds my sponges, one has glitters and stickers, and I couldn’t think of what to put in the last one, so I put my base and top coats in that one for now.


My nail polish dryer is new, so I forgot to place it on the desk before the other pictures, but here it is – the PlayStation serves as both a gaming device and a Netflix/DVD machine, so it had to keep its place below the TV. I should probably also mention that the drawers beneath the desk holds all of my nail polish.

The project cost me 240 DKK / $35 / £25 / €32.

All in all, I am really pleased with how it looks and it already feels nicer to spend time here – let’s just hope we can keep it tidy 😉

4 thoughts on “DIY Desk Make-Over

  1. lisbethvestergard 29/12/2015 / 19:47

    Hvor ser det bare godt ud! Ret fedt resultat med bøtterne. Kan godt være, at jeg stjæler den en dag 😉

    Mit skrivebord har altså efterhånden også nogle kritiske pletter, og jeg tør virkelig ikke prøve med neglelakfjerner – er overbevist om at det tager malingen med sig… Må se, om jeg snart kan få malet det op igen :b


    • Nanna Sander 29/12/2015 / 21:01

      Du skal være så velkommen – de er fra IKEA :p Hvad vil du bruge dem til?


      • lisbethvestergard 29/12/2015 / 21:41

        Tingeltangel og skrammel. Det var nu mest idéen med at male dem, jeg tænkte på. Mangler desperat ny opbevaring til mine lakker, haha! 😀


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