Surprise Saturday: Pink Polka Dots

I am slowly easing back in to posting regularly again. I spent the first few weeks of January buried in exams, and since I finished those, I’ve hated sitting at my computer, so blogging has been feeling a bit like a chore rather than something I enjoy. It’s getting better and better, and I expect to be back up with loads of nail art and posts for you guys soon – until then, I hope you will bear with me only posting when I feel like it..

One of the polishes my boyfriend told me to use this week has a matte finish, so I just knew that I would end up mattifying the entire manicure because I’d like the matte look.

The polishes he gave me were:

  • Essie – Watermelon
  • Pieces – Peach Whip Matte
  • Rimmel – Midnight Mistletoe
  • (OPI – Matte Top Coat)

pink polka dots 1pink polka dots 2

I thought it was a long time ago since I’ve done anything with polka dots, and I’m not sure I’ve ever worn polka dots this way. I like it, but I can’t quite decide, if it’s my style or if I’m too old for this… Oh well, this is what I have on now 😉 The glitter was a challenge, because to me, red and green glitter is very christmas-y, so I didn’t really feel like it fit the rest of the color scheme, but I think it worked out well in the end. I guess the christmas association is just in my head..

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