Recreation: March 2015

It might be in the dying minutes of March, but there’s still time to post a recreation post for this month. Well, ‘recreation’ might not be the right word this time, maybe ‘inspired by’ is more accurate since I’ve changed the color scheme. If I were to completely recreate last year’s mani it would only be for the sake of taking better photos (and a nicer nail shape), and I think that would just be a waste, so I changed it up a bit instead.

The mani that I am recreating is my Fifty Shades of Grey-mani, only this time it is fifty shades of purple. The mani starts off with five different base colors and then I applied some striping tape before sponging on a gradient with the five colors over that.

March 2015

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March 2016

marts 2015 1marts 2015 3marts 2015 4

Polishes used from thumb to pinky:

  • China Glaze – Plur-ple (thumb)
  • Sally Hansen – Punch Drunk (index finger)
  • Sally Hansen – Pep-plum (middle finger)
  • Essie – In the Lobby (ring finger)
  • Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black


I’m not sure I see too much progress in the actual mani – that is also why it took me so long to decide if I wanted to recreate something from March last year, because the manis were satisfactory, and honestly there weren’t that many to choose from. However, I definitely see a progress in my hand-posing skills and photography skills! – eventhough hand poses that show the thumb are always more awkward. These pictures look much better!

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