Unboxing: GOODIEBOX August 2016

Last month, I introduced you to the GOODIEBOX subscription service – a monthly beauty box that you get for 159 kr, but the value of the products will be 5-700 kr. As I said last month, this box is only avaliable in Denmark, but my readers from the rest of the world might enjoy my first impressions on the products. For my fellow Danes, go to www.goodiebox.dk to subscribe!

The theme of this month’s box is Blogger’s Choice. 5 Danish bloggers each chose an item to put in the box.

First of all, let me get in to the box itself. This month it was more rectangular than square, and the reason soon became evident. The box is a special edition, so the color of the box is different from the usual black, and I gotta say, I really love this color! So pretty! It’s a gradient from light pink to a sort of peach color.


As I said before, this box contains five products – three full size and two sample sizes. The total of the box adds up to about 600 kr (the exact value is difficult to calculate because of the sample sizes).IMG_6045

The first thing in here is the Honey Bronze Tinted Face Gel from The Body Shop. It is a transparent face gel that has a little bit of bronzing effect. This feels nice on the skin – it absorbs in to the skin quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh. The tint is not too overwhelming, it really didn’t look like I’d applied anything – it just looks like you’ve been kissed by the sun.IMG_6044

Next up is a sample size of the infamous Benefit Roller Lash. I’ve heard SO many people rave about this, so I was really exited when I saw this! While this is only a sample size, you get quite a good amount. As for application and effect.. I wasn’t hugely impressed – at least not up to my expectations. Considering people’s reviews on this one, I was expecting it to be spectacular, and it wasn’t. It was good, but much like other mascaras I’ve tried.IMG_6043

It seems CLEAN perfumes are the bomb at the moment, so I’m glad I got a chance to try one of them. I got the Rain-one. It smells.. well, clean. Clean and fresh, there’s really nothing more to it. Personally, I like the fruity/flowery smells the best, but this hasn’t been completely ruled out yet. It might be a great option for one of those days when you want to fake your freshness.IMG_6042

Now, I’m very hard on my hands/nails with constantly applying and removing polish, so I use hand cream 5-6 times a day, so I was very happy when I saw this. The happiness soon faded away, though. This has a very strong smell, it is very (!) rich so it leaves your hands clammy for ages. As for moisturization, you feel the effect immediately, but I hate hand creams that don’t absorb right away – I need to get back to whatever I was doing as quickly as possible, and this prevented that. After half an hour, I actually went and washed my hands to get rid of the clammy feeling. Not a fan.IMG_6041

Now, this is the reason the box was bigger – the Wet Brush. At first, I was like ‘meh..’ because I’ve had paddle brushes before, and is this really so much different from those? Yes. Yes, it is. This is amazing! It is very gentle on the hair (which is good if you’re brushing wet hair) and it leaves the hair silky smooth. It has holes on the back which allows you to bring it with you in the shower for combing out tangles or spreading conditioner on to every hair strand. LOVE. IT.

My favorites are definitely the wet brush and the face gel, while the mascara and perfume lands in the ‘meh’-category, and the hand cream being a total miss for me.

5 thoughts on “Unboxing: GOODIEBOX August 2016

  1. mynovemberblog 18/08/2016 / 12:12

    I really need to get a wetbrush, I have heard a lot of good about then.


  2. lisbethvestergard 18/08/2016 / 13:56

    Mon ikke den der håndcreme kunne være ideel til at tage på ved sengetid? Jeg har i hvert fald tit nydt at tage sådan en rigtigt fed creme på til at sove med. Så er hænderne gennemfugtede næste morgen når eventuelle rester skyldes af, og der er jo alligevel ikke skide meget man bruger hænderne til om natten 🙂


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