Review: Stamping guide template

Contains product sent for review

I am in no way a stamping expert, but I try to improve all the time and do nicer and nicer things with stamping. I was given the opportunity to review a cool ‘gadget’ that takes stamping to the next level.

This stamping guide template from Born Pretty Store allows you to only pick up parts of an image to create cool effects. It comes in four different versions. The one I got looks like this:

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 1

You place it on top of your stamping plate after you have scraped the excess polish off.

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 2Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 3

Then you pick up the image with your stamper.

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 4

This means that you don’t pick up the entire image, but only part of it. In this example I have picked up an image that you can then transfer to your nail as a french tip. Please blame the missing image part on my poor choice of nail polish to stamp with, but I figured I could still show you the crisp french tip this would give you because of the stamping guide.

Born Pretty Store Stamping Guide 5

The plate is thinner than a regular stamping plate so your stamper can still reach the polish but the metal material means that it stays in place and doesn’t accidentally move around when you try to pick up the image on your stamper. I have found that it works a little better with the french tip templates than the ones with metal bars in the middle – probably because the metal bars hinders your stamper from reaching the polish completely, but it is in no way impossible to use those templates, it is just not as easy.

You do have to be pretty quick with this. Even when stamping normally, you have to work pretty quickly to avoid the polish drying too much. With this you essentially add an extra step to your stamping routine when you have to place it correctly over the stamping plate before picking up the image. It took me a few trial and errors to get the hang of that.

I cannot wait to play around with this guide more, and I’m especially intrigued by the ability to create stamped images that are stripes or waves or chevrons.

The guide retails for $3.99 USD, and with the discount code BOTX31 you can get 10% off the entire Born Pretty Store website.

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