31 day nail polish challenge: Day 19: Galaxies

Okay, so the challenge has been abandoned for quite some time, I just have so many original ideas for nail art that I want to wear so that has come before the challenges. For once I wanted to try to create a picture tutorial, just to try something new ūüėČ Well anyway! Here is day number 19 – Galaxies!

galaxy 1

1. Start by painting the entire nail black (I used¬†Black Swan¬†by¬†L’Or√©al)

2. Sponge on some white in various shapes on the nail. They do not have to match! (I used Fiji by Essie)

galaxy 2

3. Sponge on some light green (I used¬†Perle De Jade¬†by¬†L’Or√©al)

4. Sponge on some light yellow (I used Canary by technic)

galaxy 3

5. Sponge on some pink (I used Watermelon by Essie)

6. Sponge on some blue (I used Mesmerized by Essie)

galaxy 4

7. With the same white as before, paint on some dots and extent some of those dots into two crossing lines creating stars

8. Paint on a layer of white glitter to make it seem more like the starry sky (I used¬†Diamond Carat by¬†L’Or√©al) – my pictures don’t show the glitter well enough.

And that is it! My take on galaxy nails.

galaxy final

Hope you like them!

Love, Nanna

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