Manimonday: Purple Water spotting

After my gradient for day 31 of the challenge, I realized I’m not done wearing bright colors yet. I wanted to create a manicure with China Glaze’s bright neon, Plur-ple, but after two failed tries, I decided to go another way – still in the purple family, but more on the darker side. Even though I ended up with something totally different than planned, it was not all bad, because I got to rediscover my love for this dark, almost black purple.

The water spotting is made with Rule of Plum and Pat on the Black. Here is a link to a previous post that explains what water spotting is.

Lilla water spotting1 lilla water spotting2

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen – Pat on the black
  • Sally Hansen – Rule of Plum
  • Sally Hansen – Pep-plum

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